Italian trip

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Italian trip

I've seen the other posts about this topic but the one with the most replies has dissolved into an attack on one of the posters. I have been trying to talk my folks into traveling to Italy and now wonder if that advice is good. The Taliban and Bin Laden have promised revenge on Americans. I've traveled several times but just don't know if I feel comfortable telling my folks to take the risk. Besides the standard, "don't let the terrorists win," explain to me why this trip is a good idea.

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I'll repeat what I said yesterday to another similar posting:

I for one would certainly not cancel my trip plans.

For what it's worth, "wars" in the last 50 years have had little if any effect on travel to Europe, or most often to anywhere for that matter. That includes Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Arab/Israeli, Kashmir, Desert Storm, Somalia, Serbia, Bosnia ... sorry to not be totally inclusive.

One might wish to be more worried about going out in a car in traffic. There are nearly 40,000 traffic deaths each year, in the US alone. That's a scary number! And far, far greater than terrorism has accounted for in the past 20 years.

Stay off American highways. Visit Europe!
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The State Department advise makes much more sense than anything Jill told you. My advice kind of goes along with the President's: be patient. Europe isn't going anywhere.
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dan woodlief
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This is a decision everyone must make for themselves. We are going through with our planned trip to Italy next week. A sense of dread has turned back to excitement, despite what is happening now. I look at it this way: Europe is not going anywhere, but neither is terrorism. Sure, going right now perhaps poses a greater risk than going a year from now, but how much more? Terrorism is likely to be here for the rest of my life and for the rest of most of our lives, and I am afraid we either have to live with it or crawl into a corner somewhere. I hope your parents do get to Italy, but make sure all are comfortable with it when the time comes.
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It sounds like my parents are going to go on with their trip. I am not a skittish traveler and would probably make the trip myself. But my parents will be so easily marked as American tourists that I have to worry. I guess all I can do is say a little prayer each night that they stay out of harms way. Thanks for the advice, all.

By the way, I don't necessarily agree with Jill that this is just another way. This is a war that focuses on civilians instead of soldiers. All the rules have changed. And Italy doesn't strike me as the kind of place with the greatest security in the world. It is a country of nomads, especially the further south that you get. But we must all live our lives so, I will wish them bon voyage and anticipate their return.

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