Top of the Campanile/Venice?

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Top of the Campanile/Venice?

Has anyone gone up to the top of the Campanile in Venice? Know they have an elevator, about 8.000 there a "best time of day" to go up? Any tips on when to get there to ensure you're at the top when the bells ring? Thanks!
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For a beautiful view, wait until the rain stops...then you'll see the gondolas and the happy japanese tourists onboard. You like the bell too? Tip the bellman before going on the elevator.
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Kelvy: Try NOT to be at the top of the Campanile when the bells ring on the hour. If you happen to be there, have earplugs. The huge bells are about 3 feet above your head. The wait in May was about 20 minutes for the elevator at mid day. We spent about 20 minutes at the top viewing and picture taking and made sure to be on the ground prior to the bells ringing.
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Yes, it's a great view. Yes, try to avoid the bells!!
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dan woodlief
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As one who has not been in the Campanile, but hopes to be in 10 days, I will give you a photography-inspired answer to your question. Go when the light is most attractive. That means early or late. My guides say it opens at 10 and closes at 4 (I wish these hours were longer), so close as possible to one of those times should provide the most attractive light for viewing or photographing Venice from above.
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There's usually a crowd at the Campanile. but if you take the vaporetto over to San Giorgio you can uo in the tower over there instead. it's fabulous! You look right down on the Cipriani, and you can see all the islands. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Alps!
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Yes, go. The view is fabulous. But don't strategize too much or this simple thing. We were there on Easter weekend with wall to wall people and still waited only about 20 minutes to go up. You'll find yourself in Piazza San Marco many times. Just join the line when it looks OK and you're in the mood.
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Don't avoid the bells! We were at the top at noon. There's a phone up there, so we called a friend at home who is disabled and will probably never make it to Venice. Didn't say anything, just held out the phone for her to listen. She loved it (at 4 a.m.!), thought it was better than a postcard. Since then, we've sent her other "audio" postcards as we've sat in a tour boat on the Seine, in a gondola, etc., anywhere our cell phone works.
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Just returned from 2 weeks in Venice. (Sept. 26th) Yes, during the day there were long lines for the Campanile. However, we walked by one day at around 5 or 5:30. No line. We got to the top immediately and the view was perfect. Noticed then that this was usually the case. All those masses of tourists jamming the attractions on St. Marks have gone by then. And the Campanile is open or was when we were there until 10 PM. Go and enjoy this amazing city.
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Just got back myself. The view from the top of the Campanile is nice, but mostly rooftops and no canals to speak of.
As mentioned, the view from nearby
San Giorgio Maggiore (a 5-minute vaporetto ride away) is spectacular, you get a wonderful perspective of the Salute Church, the Doge's Palace,and the whole waterfront area. S. Giorgio also has a couple of lovely Tintorettos, and is a landmark of architecture in its own right.
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I went up there in May at about 11am. No queue, great view - an absolute must do if in Venice.

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