istanbul hotel and guide choice

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istanbul hotel and guide choice

We'll be visiting Istanbul mid March and are debating between 2 hotels in the Sultanahmet area : the Yesil Ev (Pasha Room for $200) or the Sultanahmet Palace (deluxe for $110). Anyone of the opinion that double the price is justified? Who's got the better views / the nicer rooms and baths ? Any difference in the breakfasts? Are either "too" noisy 'cause of the Blue Mosque?
Also, we'd like to have a guide for at least one day. Which are the sites that should be seen with a good guide (that mean a lot less without one)? Is it better to book ahead or can we easily get one there? Any particular recommendations?
Appreciate the help !

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I am going to Turkey this year, too, so I can tell you what I've learned from my research.
I've got the name of a guide from another travel board that I'm on and she's gotten a lot of truly excellent reviews. Her name is Senay Gokpar and her e-mail address is:
[email protected]

I've contacted her recently and she got back to me quickly. Although I can't give you my personal experience, those who have used her have written very, very highly of her.
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Sarah, You could be in for a big negative surprise, while that is a great location to walk to sites, the only hotel that I would feel comfortable with there is the Four Seasons. Taksim Square area had several nice hotels, Intercontinental,
Swiss Hotel and others. You would then take a taxi to sites. You will be approached by "guides" in the Sultanahmet area. They will walk you to Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, the cisterns, Hippodrome, Topkopi, etc, and ask only that you visit their rug shop,
where they will offer you tea while you view their wares. We managed to get to the Bazaar on our own by asking directions on the street. We loved Istanbul and will be returning there in June! Try to take a cruise up the Bosphorous if you have time, a complete different look from Old Town. Have fun!
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Hello Sarah---we thoroughly enjoy Turkey and have a write up for the first time visitor to Istanbul and another write-up on the Aegean Coast. If interested, let us know and we will email it to you. However, we do charge a cost---after your return, you must share your trip with us!
Enjoy Turkey !
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Hey, how are you?
I just write, because i wanna know the price to go to Turkey, i'm mexican but i live in Texas(USA) please send me information about the cost of everything..

kisses & hugs
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Sorry, but I have no idea of prices from Texas since we're flying from Tel Aviv.
P.S. to others. Thanks for the replies. We decided to book the Sultanahmet and wrote to Senay the guide. Anybody else out there have any other advice about Istanbul?
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Tim Family
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We were in Sultanahamet area.It was great hotel and restaurant.
Check this hotel out
Maria and Tim

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Hi we will be visiting Istanbul this June and will be staying at the Mavi Ev Hotel in the Sultanahmet area. It is about 50m from the Blue Mosque.

I would appreciate some feeback on your
stay in Istanbul. Thanks.
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I agree with linda,The hotel in that area are just not as nice. If you can afford $200 for a room you can afford the taxi ride to the sites, it will be less than $10. I suggest the Hilton, which has very nice rooms, an great view from the roof bar, and the most fantastic seven head shower in the locker room. I have also heard the swiss hotel is very nice, altough I have never stayed there.

About price, you do not need to be speding $200 a night to see Istanbul. You can get a plane ticket (from washington, if you really look for 6 to 7 hundred (peek season) and a clean hotel for less than $50. Food and transportation are cheep as are most nontouresty places. I suggest a wak along the Bosphorus near bebek. Will there check out the Bogazici University campus, it has great views. Thats about it,


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Delta Airlines flies nonstop out of JFK to Istanbul daily for the gal from Texas.You can fly DFW to JFK to IST.
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I would definitely stay in Sultanahmet and not worry about it. I agree that the Four Seasons is THE place to stay in Sultanahmet, but I'd never stay in one of the big chain hotels over in the new area. You might as well be in any American hotel in any American city. We walked all over Sultanahmet day and night and never felt the least bit nervous or unsafe. We stayed in a restored house, the Yasmak Sultan which was very nice, although not as well located as the Yesil Ev or the Sult. Palace. You will be happy with your selection as long as you don't expect Americanized Hilton or Marriott type rooms and baths. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the Turkish people. Our room was beautifully furnished and the bath, though a little small was quite modern, spotlessly clean (as was the entire hotel), and had a great shower and wonderful big towels. When you walk you will be approached by lots of people wanting to show their rugs and other wares or become your guide. Just smile and tell them that is already taken care of or that you are not interested in rugs at all. They will not threaten you, but you need to take their aggressiveness as what it is -- part of their culture and business practice. We did not use guides at all, but had our sections of guide books with us so we had no problems and saw what we wanted to see. The only exception was that you are required to take the guided tour in the harem of Topkapi, but we could not understand a single word the guide spoke to us. We really thought it was in Turkish, but they insisted it was English.

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