Is Easy-Jet reliable and safe?

Dec 27th, 2001, 08:37 PM
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Is Easy-Jet reliable and safe?

We need to make two trips from London, one to Edinburgh and one to Amsterdam. The cost of rail tickets is ridiculously high while the cost of Easy Jet plane tickets is almost too low to be true. From what I have read we would save literally hundreds of dollars flying with Easy Jet over taking the train. Can someone tell me if this is a reputable airline with a good safety record and why these airfares are so low. I am a very nervous flyer and I just want to be sure this is a safe as well as cheap alternative to the train.


Dec 27th, 2001, 11:07 PM
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Yes, they are reliable and yes, they are safe. As far as I know, they haven't crashed yet and they have quite a few flights, so they are as safe as you can get it.
Their fares are so low (if you book early that is) because they are a low-cost airline: no food/drinks, no through-checking of luggage, no frequent flyer points, etc.
Dec 28th, 2001, 01:04 AM
Tony Hughes
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No tickets either, they just issue a confirmation number and most of the time they dont need that. As long as you have your passport you'll be fine.

As for relaible and safe, do you think an airline based out of Switzerland flying numerous routes - many in the UK - would be unreliable and unsafe? You should know better, Bill. True, we're not an American airline but we still know how to fly. Surprised?
Dec 28th, 2001, 02:53 AM
Keith Legg
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Absolutely. I fly regularly with EasyJet and have recommended them to friends from the US on a number of occasions. They are probably the highest profile airline in the UK at the moment and are expanding quickly, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Dec 28th, 2001, 03:38 AM
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We fly regularly with Easyjet from Liverpool to Belfast. They are absolutely no frills, e.g. if you want a drink you have to pay for it. You don't have a designated seat but it's a case of first checked in/first on board although families with young children get priority. The sooner you book, the cheaper the flight.

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