Is Croatia cheap?

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Is Croatia cheap?

went to italy lasy year and due to the US$ value to the euro we spent way too much money. trying to find a non-euro beautiful place such as croatia for a family trip next summer. what are the prices like for an average hotel? average dinner?

also curious if and where there are islands or coastlines with sand beaches versus rocks.

appreciate the help.
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We were considering going to Croatia next May, and the hotels at least seemed much cheaper than those in Western Europe. You may want to do some searches for hotels in the area you are wanting to visit to be certain. We were looking into staying in both Rab and Porec.
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There are both expensive hotels and cheap apartments. There are expensive restaurants and pizza joints. You can pretty much run the gamut in Croatia as far as I could see.

Do some research for apartments. They are plentiful and inexpensive. This also helps defray the cost of meals since you can at least do breakfast at the apartment.

We were in the Dubrovnik area as well as the islands around Hvar and never saw any sand beaches but found the pebbly beaches actually preferable as you're not getting sand in your lunch as well as in your unmentionables. With a pair of water shoes it was great. Many of the beaches have chairs to rent (for cheap) so you're not having to lounge on the rocks.

We loved Croatia and look forward to returning there some day.
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It would help if you were a bit more specific about your requirements but I will attempt to answer with what little info I know about your preferred traveling style. Croatia is definitely inexpensive compared to countries that are on the Euro.

Zagreb is the most expensive place we stayed on a two week trip. I don't recommend staying there longer than one night any way.

The smaller towns such as Rab Town on Rab Island and Trogir will be much more reasonable than the larger cities such as Split and Dubrovnik.

You will be able to find apartments that will accomodate a family (you did not mention how many were in your party). Apartments are much more reasonably priced than hotels. Look for signs for Sobe and rent as you go.

To give you an idea of our average expenses:

Dinner for 2 in Rab Town with a drink or two per person was $20-25

Dinner for 2 in Dubrovnik with a drink or two per person was $25-40

Large beer almost anywhere was about $1.50

Amission into War Photos Museum was about $6.00 US.

If you order lunch from a sandwich shop you will be pleasantly surprised. A couple of great sandwiches will run you less than $10.

Feel free to ask more specific questions. Croatia is my favorite country and I am sure I will be back soon!

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Prices in Croatia and Slovenia are much like those in Southern Italy and southern Spain, but higher than those in any of the Baltic countries, or in central Europe (from Poland to Bulgaria) or Ukraine. I shall add to this a note on prices in Europe.

The Croatian and Slovene coasts are rocks. For sand in those parts you go to the Baltic coasts of Romania or Bulgaria, or to the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Resorts in all these are crowded, but cheap. The coast of Poland seems to me too cold to swim, but I do not know temperatures in the big lakes of north east Poland (Masuria) nor eastern Slovakia.

I am sorry for the problems many readers here have over the rate for the dollar, but glad that as a result more people are thinking of central and East Europe instead. Those countries can give you splendid mountains, great old cities not reached by Anglo-American bombers, their own good styles in food and drink, and even (in Krakow) a da Vinci painting with no long line to see it. To my mind the best buy now is central and Eastern Slovakia. You fly to whatever airport ids cheap among Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, and take a train over to Levoca, Kosice, or wherever the guide book suggests would suit you.

[email protected]


This is a list, starting at the cheapest countries, so far as I can judge things. I wrote it about 1999 as the question came up every now and again, and I correct it as I respond to views of others.

Ukraine (on a private visa, not a tourist visa)
Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia.
Hungary (except Budapest)
The Czech Republic (except Prague)
Poland (except Krakow)
Southern Italy
Southern Spain
Northern Spain
Northern Italy, not Venice
The Netherlands
Austria, not Vienna
United Kingdom, not London
Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Iceland and Norway
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Suggestion: I understand the word 'cheap' to mean, of poor quality or inferior. A better word may be, 'inexpensive'. Compare prices, A pint of lager in a London pub with 1/2 a liter in a Polish. The Marriott in Warszawa charges 12 zlotych for a tap beer half liter. My local charges four zlotych for the same. Compare words and tourist phrases. "Do you have anything good to eat?" "Is this worth my time?", to a local. Similarly I resent the expression from the waiter, "Is everything all right?". Instead of, "May I get anyone something else?".
Still the 'magic word' is, please.
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Thanks to all for your help.

I did mean inexpensive vs someone's definition of cheap.

we are thinking of spending a few days in zagreb and then renting a house for my wife and 2 small kids (6 and 3) in dubrovnik or split area. dubrovnik seems like a "can't miss" destination.

i have not heard much of Rab. will do some research.

what is the food like?...mediteranean...seafood..hummos..falafel?

the list of cheap countries from Ben was great...much appreciated.
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Obviously where you go makes a difference in any country. While Dubrovnik is indeed a "don't miss" destination, it is also probably by far the most expensive place in all of Croatia. Finding the out of the way and lesser known destinations in a country is always the best way to make it "cheaper".

I laughed years ago when clients of mine spend a week in Portugal and returned whining about how they couldn't understand how anyone thought that country was less expensive. They stayed in the finest hotel in Lisbon for one full week, and hired a private driver to take them to various destinations. They sought out only the highest rated and starred restaurants, and came back saying "Portugal is expensive". Duh!
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I think you'll find Croatia cheap, but not dirt cheap. Do avoid the hotels in favor of (sobe) private rooms; you can get some terrific places at half the cost of a hotel. We had nice, well located two-bedroom apartments in Hvar and Dubrovnik for about $120 USD per night, or about $30 per person. As for food, we paid $20 for lunch for three with beer in Pula, $20 for three nice souvenirs (T-shirt, banner, big Croatian flag) in Pula, $60 in Dubrovnik for dinner for four with wine. Our entire 10-day trip with airfare from the U.S. came to about $2,200 apiece.
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We were there in September. You can look up my six part trip report if you want to be bored, but in brief we found Croatia to be delightful, but not inexpensive. It think it must be a bargain compared to Italy, if you can judge from the number of Italian tourists. You can, however, have a wonderful visit without breaking the bank.

I second the suggestion that you consider Sobes. A sobe is a room in a private home and they are invariably spotlessly clean and a bargain. When you get off a bus or ferry you will be confronted by people holding up signs for rooms. We seldom booked ahead, just talked to the ladies or checked with the local tourist office.

For Dubrovnik I would suggest the Villa Adriatica. You have to make reservationns here, as it has a good repuation. It was recommended by others on the Forum, and turned out to be just great. We paid 63 Euros per night for a room overlooking the old harbor, with use of the patio for looking at the city walls and Ploce Gate. You can go a couple of hundred yards up the hill and pay over $200 Euros a night at the Excelcior or other posh places, but we had a splendid time.

Have a great trip!
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I'm considering going to Croatia in March or April for a few months.

Does anyone know what an average apartment would cost in Dubrovnik or Split per month? Any sites to reccomend for research or renting apartments?

Also, what is the weather like during the spring and summer?

Thanks for your help.
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Pvogel, try contacting somebody from this site:

I think prices in Dubrovnik or Split for a one or two bedroom apartment would be about 300-500 Euro per month depending on the location, equipment etc.
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Any other thought of people who have started planning for this year?
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Lawson, here's another site with apartments/studio etc
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