Is Barcelona becoming safer ?

Mar 11th, 2007, 08:23 AM
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Is Barcelona becoming safer ?

I have heard, and witnessed first hand, many stories of pickpocketing in Barcelona and even some muggings.

Planning a trip this May I bought a copy of the 2007 Timeout guide and according to it there has been made a huge effort in increasing the city's safety - including a host of new regulations and an introduction of a new police force.

Anyone noticed any difference?
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Mar 11th, 2007, 10:25 AM
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I don't know. I was there for 2 nights last summer and while waiting in the Iberia office for some info on the airport strike 2 different tourists came in telling they had been mugged earlier that day. I don't know if you can extrapolate anything from that but I found it unusual
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Mar 11th, 2007, 10:29 AM
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I have also heard about the crime here, and seen some first hand. My question is: Why is it that Barcelona appears to have such a problem in this area? Why more than many other port cities of its size? Is it the sheer amount of tourists?

I know these things can, and do, happen anywhere. I am curious about this reputation that this city has....
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Mar 11th, 2007, 11:31 AM
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this is a nationwide problem.. however, it logically is more lucrative to be a thief in barcleona and madrid/valencia than in cuenca.

so.. until the laws are made stricter, these thieves, even when caught, are "let loose" to go home and WAIT for their trial.
a huge romanian and other eastern block ex-military experts have been arrested all over the country.. most of them are in the streets waiting to go to trial.

spaniards no longer feel protected by their government, in general. at least, no one you talk to seems to think so. there are neighborhod watches now.

and the police force is VERY frustrated when the work they do is then interrupted by these strange, lax laws.

we shall see what the future brings.. hopefully these professional thieves will get caught and put away, or deported, if they are foreign.

they know where it is easiest to beat the system.. there is not nearly this level problem in germany, for example, as here.. at least that is what germans i know have told me.

all cities and local governments ar preparng more police all the time. they have so much huge fraud and mafia groups to deal with , i think it is all a bit overwhelming and we are always a step or more behind them.

i do know that huge efforts and many successes are ocurring to get the mafias at the "top" dismantled..

you just have to be on your guard ..

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Mar 11th, 2007, 12:04 PM
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If I had been mugged in Barcelona I would think of the city as an unsafe place.
But when I visited the city two eyars ago with my family we had a wonderful time and felt very safe. I even walked home from dinner in the dark with two of my kids (and got a bit lost) and never felt unsafe.

Yes, like many cities there is crime. But those thinking about visiting should not be put off.

Be aware. Be aware. Be aware.
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