Ireland Itinerary Help

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Ireland Itinerary Help

We have tickets and vouchers for an Ireland self-drive holiday, I was hoping that some of you experts might be able to help with the plan. We will be four adults (parents in late 50's and their daughter and son-in-law early 30's). Here are the prerequisites which are making my plan a bit tricky:
1.)fly into Dublin for first three nights (no rental car until day 4)
2.)last night spent in Skerries
3.)two nights in Cork or nearby to visit friends
4.) Visit to Blarney Stone / Castle a must
5.) 4 nights in various B&B's in South with rental car

Here is my initial plan based on the above for the 4 nights in the South:
Day 4 after Dublin: Drive from Dublin to Waterford via Wexford seeing sights along the way. Stay in B&B in or near Waterford.
Day 5: Look at Crystal Factory. Drive from Waterford to Cashel and Cahir via Kilkenny. End the day in Blarney or nearby.
Day 6: Visit Blarney Stone and Castle. Stay in or near Blarney again. Vist with friends in Cork (dinner).
Day 7: Open, based on weather. Either Ring of Kerry or Cork sights in city. Stay in Adare so that drive to Skerries/Dublin is shorter on next day.
Day 8: Open based on weather. Either Ciffs of Moher or Ring of Kerry or Dingle Pen. Drive to Skerries.

I would very much appreciate your comments on the trip around the south. We have very varied interests including nature, hiking, history, towns / villages and shops. We also do not plan on rushing around from one place to the next (or at least trying not to).
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Are 3 nights in Dublin a must? The countryside is just breathtaking. Can you fit some time to stay overnight in Killarney? I love Muckross House, my favorite mannor house (mansion) in Ireland.
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I spent 4 days in Dublin and Regreted it. 2 nights is enough. Don't miss the "Temple Bar" area but Dublin is just another large fast city.

Spend lots of time in the coastal small towns and countryside. Lots of really nice people. Cork isn't all that great.
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Julie -
Are you sure you can't steal a day from Dublin? and get the car earlier? Otherwise you are spending all your time in the car, and really can't do justice to your plan.

Dublin--> Waterford
- route ok.
Waterford --> Blarney -
unless you can shave a day off Dublin, you should either drop the Crystal Factory, or drop seeing Kilkenny otherwise you are backtracking,and hopping all over.
?? Can you do your dinner with friends this night?

Open day - Are you planning on driving the Ring yourself or doing a bus tour. If you are driving it yourself, you could start in Kenmare and end in Killarney.
Be warned - this is a LONG drive, 5/6 hours.
If you are doing a bus tour, they leave around 10 so you are better off to stay in Killarney the night before. (and after - they get back around 5)

Last day b-4 Skerries = seems kind of odd to drive all the way to the cliffs AND ALL THE WAY back to Skerries in one day. You will be exhausted when you get there.

You don't say what time of year you are going. That will make a HUGE difference on what all can be done in one day.
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I think 3 days is a good amount for Dublin.

Are you really really sure you want to go to Blarney Castle? It's got to be one of the most touristy and tacky places on the planet (think South of the Border, S.C., or Gaitlinburg, Tenn.) Not worth the time or effort.
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I rather enjoyed Blarney Castle and grounds which surprised me very much. This from a person who has made it a priority to steer clear of any tourist areas. The town is touristy but nice, nothing like Killarney. I went last March so the crowds were small with no line to kiss the stone. Before this visit, I would have agreed with the previous poster, though. Anywho, I thought the grounds were wonderful especially from the top of the castle.
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Wow, this is a tough itinerary to respond to. I agree that with this length trip I wouldn't spend three days in Dublin especially since the last night will be there also. Three days in Dublin is fine on a longer trip but not with all of the prerequisites that are added.

I would say it's way to much driving and I can't for the life of me I can't figure the reason for staying in Adare on night 7 when there would be a minimum two hour drive in the opposite direction to see any of the sights listed in day 8. Only the cliffs would mean that you didn't have to drive back through Adare on the way to Skerries. That said, it would be impossible to see Dingle or the Ring of Kerry from Adare and make it back to Skerries at a reasonable time.

I would start over with a map in hand and see what you can do without back tracking.

My suggestion would be (and I wouldn't actually do this trip but it gets some pre reqs in)

1. Dub 2. Dub 3. Kilkenny, 4. Kilkenny (day trip to Waterford), 5. Cork 6. Cork 7. Killarney 8. Skerries

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David D.
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Like many prospective visitors to Ireland, you want to see and do just as much as possible. But oftentimes trying to do too much works against you, causing you to spend too much time on the road, and not nearly enough time for relaxation and enjoyment. In other words, less can often be more.

Rather than drive all over creation trying to see the "major" sights, I'd recommend you consider the following rough itinerary:

Day 1 and 2 in Dublin: Consider seeing a few of the following: the National Museum, Book of Kells, Temple Bar, Guinness, Dublin Castle.

Days 3 & 4: Kilkenny: Rather than staying in the city, consider staying in the lovely Kilkenny countryside. Blanchville House, located just outside the city, or Cullintra House, in nearby Inistioge (where Circle of Friends was filmed), are both lovely. Spend the better part of the day in Kilkenny City; another day should be reserved for touring the local countryside. Tour through Bennettsbridge (home of Nicholas Mosse pottery, with a first-rate shop), Thomastown, and Inistioge. All are most appealing.

En route to Kilkenny, try to see a couple sights in Wicklow (an hour from Dublin), Powerscourt and Glendalough.

Days 5 & 6: Cork: The city won't capture your attention for very long, but since you're there, see Blarney. Try, however, to get out into West Cork and its countless number of pretty villages and memorable byways. This is great touring country.

Day 7: Head northeast and see the Rock of Cashel. The town isn't memorable, but the "Rock" certainly is. Stay in town, have dinner at the upmarket Chez Hans.

Day 8 Skerries.

In closing, should you consider staying overnight in Waterford, I can personally recommend the nearby village of Annestown and Annestown House, a wonderful B & B, featuring a warm welcome and top-notch dining. It's located on the underrated and relatively undiscovered Waterford coast, and the B & B is within a stone's throw of a very nice beach.

Best of luck.

P.S. Do note that the drive from Cork to the "Ring" is a very long one, and unless you've got an overnight planned, it's not advisable.
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Davids suggestion are pretty much like mine, but I would differ with him that the drive TO the Ring is a long one. Around it is another matter and takes most of a day. Cork to Killarney is just a bit over 50 miles on N22 which is a pretty good road. It should take less than 2 hours. The ring itself would take 5-6 hours at a minimum.

Hope this helps.

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David D.
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At the risk of overstaying my welcome, allow me to offer one more lodging option, one that might assist in cutting down on your overall drive-time:

Hanora's Cottage is located near the town of Clonmel in Co. Waterford, and it would make for a memorable place to stay. It's located about halfway betwen Waterford City and Cashel. I can personally vouch for Hanora's, but it's also noted in the highly reliable "Bridgestone 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland (2002 ed.)." Situated in the blissfully underexplored Nire Valley, Hanora's offers first-class dining, including what has to be the most extensive breakfast offering of any B & B in the Republic. It's also spotlessly clean and the folks at Hanora's are very hospitable. In short, a terrific place.

Perhaps you could use Hanora's as a base for explorations into Cashel, Waterford, even Cork City (although the latter would be a pretty fair drive). If not, perhaps it would serve as a follow-up to your first two nights stay in Dublin.

Once more, best of luck.
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Thank you very much for your replies. We are going at the end of March/beg. April. Draft plan below.

Any suggestions on the overnight stay on Day 7? I am leaning toward skipping the Ring of Kerry even though I don't want to. But given the prereqs., I think it is not feasible. My tentative plan is to stay somewhere near the Rock of Cashel (as suggested by David D.) And on Day 8 drive to Skerries.

Originally, I had thought one could drive from Waterford city via Kilkenny ending in Stoneview, Blarney in one day seeing only the Crystal Factory and Kilkenny. Given all the comments, I guess this is not such a good idea??

Here is the updated draft:
Day 1: Arrive DUB in the Night/ no sightseeing.
Day 2: Overnight DUB / See DUB City
Day 3: Overnight DUB / See DUB City
Day 4: Sights along way from DUB to Waterford. Overnight Tramore.
Day 5: Waterford Crystal Factory, surrounding area. Overnight Stoneview
Day 6: Blarney Castle/Rock. Cork city. Overnight Stoneview.
Day 7: Overnight ??? Cashel
Day 8: Drive to Skerries, Overnight Skerries
Day 9: Airport/ No sightseeing.

These things are fixed and cannot be changed:
1.)the number of nights in Dublin.
2.) Two nights must be near Cork City.
2.) Blarney Castle is a must (even though I want to skip it).
3.) Waterford Crystal Factory is a must.

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When in Dublin consider two trips to the country nearby.Newgrange is a 4-5000 year old prehistoric building that is absolutely fascinating.Glendalough is a 1400 year old remains of a monastic settlement in beautiful County Wicklow.There are bus tours from Dublin to both.
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fyi - you could probably see Kilkenny on the way down from Dublin.
Kilkenny is about 2 hrs from Dublin - see the castle, Do Lunch, then head towards Tramore.

(depending on what time you get moving, or how long you spend in Kilkenny, you could have on your "maybe list" stopping at Waterford on the way. - be sure to verify when the last couple of tours are - you will need to be there a bit early to get your tickets)
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Is a possible to drive just part of the Ring of Kerry? We're going in July and I guess traffic will be busy and the roads will be crowded???? Maria
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You could do the lower half and then cut through the center of the peninsula. I'm told that is a beautiful drive. Start early and head clockwise around the ring. You won't meet up with busses until later on that way. If you start from Kenmare or Sneem instead of Killarney, you'll have a big jump on the traffic.

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