Intolerance and Ignorance

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Aunt Surlok? Don't make me laugh. My aunts are intelligent, kind, cultured, professional women. You are just a foreign piece of lint. A mere brazilian girl with a computer to fondle and caress. Since it seems you have no life other than this forum. How old are you, 16 maybe 17? Do your parents know this is what you call homework? I think the men on this board know exactly what kind of girl you are - Dirty & Skeevy. I want nothing to do with you.
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Clairobscur: The plot thickens. Was not the communication initially between two portuguese? Why say it was between french/protuguese? It makes me wonder...<Exactement donc, qui etes-vous?> Why did you feel so "exposed" that Florence had to apologize quite so profusely? You also did not pick up on the nuance on my spanish post. I was using language to bridge the gap, not to create one. The level comprehension is there between Spaniards and Portuguese. And it was meant in friendship. But I am glad you are finding this thread funny. That's different from your usual buttoned-down personna or is that personna(s)? Arrivederci!
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Clairobscur, care to tell us?
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We understood Clair post differently. I thought he meant a communication between a portuguese/... and another portuguese speaker.. and between a French/.. and another French speaker.

It happens sometimes, among us, not native English speakers ( assuming that Clair is a French native speaker..) that we read too "literally", or at least it happens to me--I'm not always capable of reading between the lines.

I thing this language gap, as far as I'm concerned, has caused a few misunderstandings here, although I still stand by what I've said. I could, though, have said the same things, differently, if I were a native English speaker.

And I agree with you, even if Portuguese and Spaniards don't speak quite the same language, as happens with Brazilians and the other Latin Americans, that are all Spanish speakers-- we share the same feelings, concerns, problems, warmth, hot blood and essential nature.

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Hi Surlok.
C'est moi, l'americaine. Ok I'll accept the parallel construction you suggest. Mr. Clairobscur may well be who he says he is. But it's illustrative of the fact that the French tend to be consummate language elitists, while Americans are on the opposite end of the spectrum (priding themselves on other things ) and everyone else is somewhere in between. Things get routinely lost in the translation when taking things too literally , no? I think the OP made some good points about Norteamericanos nevertheless. We are rather guileless. But bad behavior unfortunately is not the exclusive provenance of any nationality.

Quizas hablemos otra vez?
Ciao, k
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Yes, indeed, I completely agree.

Communication is an art. Communication between people with diifferent backgrounds is even more difficult, mostly when it happens between strangers, since friends can overcome the gap with affection.

As you say, native Portuguese and Spanish speakers, or Latinos in general are, I wouldn't say guileless, but sometimes overly sensitive to some assertions made (mostly by Americans), and often overreact to them strongly.

And again I agree, bad behavior is not a privilege of any nationality, is rather something that has to do with individuals, rather than the country where someone was born

Hence, every generalization is extremely dangerous and frequently unfair.

Noneless, I still think that trying to set up some standards ( as per the smoking issue), even if reasoning as originally did the OP, is still in a subtle fashion, an overbearing behavior.

Espero, tambem, que possamos "hablar" uma outra vez.


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