Inexpensive accommodations in London

Nov 26th, 2002, 09:02 AM
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My experience with the Lonsdale was that it seemed the management was always trying to screw us. They showed us a room and we booked it. When we returned later with our bags they took us to a room up 3 flights of stairs which had none of the amenities of the room they’d originally showed us. When we pointed this out they told us that suddenly the hotel was “full”. I told them it would do for the night but if they didn’t do better by the second day we would move on. Getting any help, information, etc. was like pulling teeth. The second night the room was better but still nothing like the “sample” that had lured us in. Breakfast was a “buffet” and most of the food was far from being either fresh or piping hot. The fact is, there are just too many places to stay in that neighborhood that want your business so why put up with such nonsense. I’m a pretty cordial guest and not demanding but generally got the vibe that the management was experiencing a bad life and wanted to pass it along to everyone who stayed in the hotel. Who needs it? By the by, I've talked to others who felt exactly the same way. One was a friend of mine who’d booked two weeks there a moved out after the second day. Went to the afore mentioned St. Margaret’s and liked it very much. I've also heard good things about the Celtic, though it’s a pretty basic place to stay, it is supposedly very clean, good breakfast and a super helpful staff. Also the Aaran House in that neighborhood. Again, there are just so many good places, why burden yourself with the Lonsdale? Of course you might choose to go there and have a fabulous stay, however that certainly doesn’t seem to be the general consensus as I've seen negative threads about the Lonsdale many times before on several different travel sites.
Nov 27th, 2002, 10:26 PM
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Stayed at the London School of Economics
residence(Roseberry residence) this Sept. Very clean, 10 min walk to Angel tube, bus stops near residence, good English breakfast included, small kitchen to prepare light snacks (kettle,
toaster, small stove and oven). Ensuites (double) available. Staff very friendly. Check website given by Sam. Hope this helps. Actually, I am taking my family next summer to London and will stay there again.
Nov 28th, 2002, 03:42 AM
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Tilly-- I'll tell you what MY experience with The Londsdale was like; horrendous.

We got a good idea what was coming when upon checking in, we asked the Hotel Manager where could we parked. He shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea. We found a large paid parking lot area about three blocks away. I knew there were no elevators, so when I made the reservations I asked for a room no higher than third floor (my husband had difficulty walking even back then). We got the farthest room from the exit doors on the fifth floor. As England hotel rooms go, our room was tiny, but that is the norm; no surprises there. The next day my husband got up early and went for a walk around the block. An hour later he hadn't come back. I grew concerned and walked downstairs to check. The door bell was ringing like crazy and the guy behind the counter was busy on an animated chat on the phone. I interrupted him to asked if he could ring the person in. He stretched his hand and pressed the ring button. The person came in; it was my husband who had been ringing the bell for half hour (no notices whatsoever of door hours). We then wanted to check some brochures in the small room to the right that serves as the lobby. No place to seat as the kitchen help was sleeping in the couches, seats and floor. We had made reservations for four days, but talked to the Manager about leaving immediately. He said he would charged us for two nights anyway. We stayed the other night and afterwards could not get out of London fast enough. That was my first time in London (1998). We spent the rest of the time touring Scotland and I could not had been happier.

I learned from that experience that lodging can make a tremendous difference on how enjoyable a vacation can be, specially in London. If I were you I would definitely keep reading this forum and looking for another hotel.

This last February my sister and I went to London and Paris and was glad I gave London a second try. The Victoria Inn was a great value B&B, we got to enjoyed the sights and the weather, surpringsingly enough, was great (I am from Upstate NY). Hope you have a great time in London!
Nov 28th, 2002, 05:26 AM
Paul Hudson
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This was actually forwarded to me by one of my colleagues who has used this site before.

If you do want affordable accommodation in Central London please do consider Imperial College. We are able to offer rooms single from £21.50 per night with shared bathroom facilities inclusive of a Full English Breakfast and local taxes and operate a 24 hour reception / concierge service. Should you wish to, we can actually arrange theatre tickets for you, and a taxi to pick you up from the airport and drop you off again at the end of your stay.

Local attractions on our doorstep include the Royal Albert Hall, Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, whilst Harrods, Hyde Park and Kensington Palace the former home of the late Diana, Princess of Wales are at most a 10 minute walk from our Halls of Residence.

Thanks to South Kensington Tube station the West End, London's theatre and entertainment district is 4 stops away (Leicester Square, Piccadilly Line) and Buckingham Palace 3 stops away(Green Park, Piccadilly Line) from our Halls of Residence.

This accommodation is available from 23rd March 2003 - 23rd April 2003 and 30th June - 28th September 2003.

If you would like any further details please call 0044 20 7594 9507, email [email protected] or view our website at

Paul Hudson

Dec 2nd, 2002, 07:45 AM
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I've actually stayed in Imperial College housing before, and been generally pleased -- be sure, though, to get either a room in one of the newer, purpose-built halls or one of the self-service mews near the IC offices. And ask about where breakfast is served; the first time I stayed at IC I had to walk three blocks and cross a busy thoroughfare to get to breakfast. Just precautions, and don't let them discourage you -- Imperial College, like several other London schools, has gone into the tourist accomodations business in a big way in the last couple of years and is aggressively pursuing the budget traveller, so there are some excellent deals on offer.

Dec 2nd, 2002, 09:34 AM
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All the ideas for accomodations are great. Has anyone heard of Barkston Gardens? I'm booked there through a package deal and it isn't in any of the books. It's in Earl's Court.
Dec 2nd, 2002, 09:42 AM
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Kerry: Barkston Gardens is a street. What is the name of your B&B?
Dec 2nd, 2002, 09:53 AM
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I know, it's a bit confusing. Our confirmation letter says "three nights at Barkston Gardens". They have a website, and it looks okay, but I keep hearing mixed reviews about the hotels in the area. Just wanted to know if anyone had heard of the place.

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