If you don't drink wine in Italy.

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If you don't drink wine in Italy.

Hi again. My wife and I don't drink wine, or anything else for that matter. We are spending a week in Chianti. Will there be preasure to drink wine? We are going to enjoy the country side, and the < from what i here > wonderful food. So, is there a bottle of wine on every table? Will the waiters, think us odd, or will we offend anybody if we do not take there wine? And. Is the bottom pinching in Rome as bad as they say. How should that be handled. Thank you in advance for your advise.
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Is this post for real? Italy is the same as the US. Eat what you want and drink what you want. There is no bottle on every table or pressure to drink wine. Pinching in Rome? Have you been watching late night TV? Just enjoy the trip and get over the stereotypes. This travel aint rocket science.
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Rumor has it that the Romans have given up pinching bottoms and gone for wallets instead.

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My husband doesn't drink wine, either, while I just drink a glass at the most. There is no pressure to drink from the waiters;nor was I ever in a restaurant that had wine sitting on the table. So relax, and eat what you want and drink what you want. You will not offend anyone by ordering what YOU want.

I never had my bottom pinched in Rome, either; stop worrying and just enjoy your trip!
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I can't help saying this...

"You're an idiot"

I don't suffer fools gladly on fridays.
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Bob Brown
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Hi Neil. In some parts of Italy when I was touring around, a small "pitcher" of red wine was automatically brought to me when I sat down in a restaurant.
I call it a pitcher because it had a beak on it like a chemistry lab beaker.
As I recall, I was in the the South Tyrol, where German is commonly spoken, and I asked the waitress for something without alcohol. I do not recall if the same thing happened in Milan, Florence, and or Venice. (I recall a South Tyrol location like Bozen or Meran because I could use what little German I know to make the request.) The waitress complied readily with my request.
There was no pressure per se, but drinking wine with a meal is so common that in some places assumptions are automatic. Yes indeed, the food was good. In my experience the waitstaff in European restaurants is usually professional and the individuals' main intent is to serve the customer. There is not the harrangue you get in many American restaurants of "Let me tell you about our specials. Tonight we have a pepper encrusted filet of tadpole served in a rumdum sauce topped with roasted walnut shells. Our booze specials are a $10.00 drink 'til you drown Martini blend with local Vermouth. So what can I bring you from the bar?"
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My sister in law (a non-drinker) travelled with us to Italy last year and did find herself a little puzzled as to what to substitute for wine as Italians do no go in for cola as we do and can be quite snobby about it it in a good restaurant. She settled for mineral water or aqua minerale non-gazzoza (still) or fizzy fruit drinks, orange and grapefruit available everywhere. As for pinching, I note the previous responses are all from men and so we will forgive them since they are beingnot only nasty but untruthful in their replies. My daughter attends school in Itlay and I visit her frequently and although she gets pinched (and indeed grabbed) more frequently than I do, it most certainly HAS happened to both of us. Recently. In Rome. But more often in little older, less-touristy towns. We do not dress provocatively ( I am a Minister). Its no big deal and is mostly older men. Just, as one previous message said, make sure its not the wallet or purse they are really after. DO avoid small children in groups with cardbaord "messages" this is pick-pocketing and can lose you more than the indignity of a little pinch.
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Pinching is almost nonexistent if you are in the company of a husband or male friend. Leering, however, is quite common and the day I'm no longer noticed in Italy is the day I'm ready to pack it in as an attractive woman of almost any age is noticed by Italian men. Aqua minerale, with or without gas can substitute for wine (Pelegrino is a popular choice), and most restaurants serve orangina or lemonada but it's a shame not to drink the excellent wine which tastes so good with the food. You certainly will not be pressured into it by the waiters and I've been in many restaurants that put a bottle of their house wine on the table just as a suggestion and then we order something else. It's only meant to inform you, not to pressure you. Buon viaggio!
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I never had a problem if I wanted to eat without wine, We did usually have a glass with a late dinner but not always and never with lunch. You mentioned pinching. When we were in Italy, my wife got pinched several times, once in front of the Spanish Steps. She did not dress provocatively either. The first couple of times we got upset, but then knowing that s--t happens we decided to just enjoy the trip. As someone above said, when Italian men stop noticing you its time to enter the convent.
(by the way, we never were fast enough turning around to see the culprets).
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Wear a decal with a fish symbol so all will know your beliefs and the crazy
Italians will not abuse you.

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