i wonder one thing

Feb 13th, 2001, 06:17 AM
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i wonder one thing

I am wondering how many of you think having your holiday organized on the net makes you save money..You think the prices offered to you are cheaper than normal rates?
Feb 13th, 2001, 06:44 AM
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Absolutely...trip to Disney in Oct. - saved $ on airfares/car rentals booking thru internet specials. Trip to Italy in a few months - researched lots and got different prices for same properties. Not to mention all the money saving tips you get on the net for places while you're there - restaurants, tours etc.
And also not to mention the fun of searching out the info - the planning is half the fun!
Feb 13th, 2001, 07:03 AM
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I think it depends. There have definitely been cases when a hotel that I contacted directly by fax or phone quoted me a lower rate than I got from
a website that handles a group of hotels.
I agree that the research is a big benefit of the net, it's almost overwhelming sometimes
Feb 13th, 2001, 08:36 AM
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I know that researching things like point to point tickets through official European sights showed me how much difference the cost was over buying tickets here in the states. Also I do not know where you live, but here in my small town there just aren't travel agents who plan anything but the standard cookie cutter tours. If you have time and patience, and you enjoy doing it, the internet opens up a lot of possibilities. And I really believe when the tally is in, it is cheaper.
Feb 13th, 2001, 08:42 AM
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Yes it does for sure! When I book hotels in Vegas for our sales team, I get them through Tripres.com and always the price is less then anywhere else. Then for our upcoming trip to Boston I booked a nice hotel over the Internet, but when I called the hotel to get a rate quote, they quoted me a price nearly $70.00 higher. I told her what the Internet was quoting and she said I should book that way.
Also on European airfare, I am signed up for a lot of Net Deal Internet offers and get periodic emails letting me know when there are special discounts available.
Feb 13th, 2001, 10:22 AM
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Naturally. Businesses save labor dollars and commission fees when their customers can book their own arrangements online. They encourage this practice by passing a minute portion of the labor and commission savings along as discounts for consumers.
Feb 14th, 2001, 02:42 AM
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I agree with Rightio about the minute portion of savings being passed along. Not to mention that the customer in most cases has paid the capital cost of a computer, plus the operational cost of internet service. I expect a heck of a lot more discount for providing all of this!
Feb 14th, 2001, 04:17 AM
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After our honeymoon in Australia left me saying "I could plan better then this!" and being rather obvious she only sent us to the places where she got the biggest commisions. I will never trust a travel agent again. By planning my own holidays I stay at the places and do the activities that suit me the most.

AND it does save me money, but it is time-consuming, but for me it's not about the money.
Feb 14th, 2001, 06:37 AM
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i agree!it does make you save money!and not something less loads of money!enough to make you go on a holiday next year as well!

I mean just compare:

http://www.hotelbatihan.com prices starting from 16USD

http://www.kusadasihotels.com/royal prices starting from 9USD

http://www.kusadasihotels.com/surtel prices starting from 14USD

and many more hotels on http://www.holiday4u.net which have prices lower than the hotel's normal rates.

Net makes you save money for sure!

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