'I was soooo wasted last night....'

Feb 12th, 2007, 12:27 PM
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Thanks Michel_Paris,

Love your line "Part of growing up,in my books, is being a bit of a rebel, enjoying social activities, and yes, sometimes that leads to a bit of alcohol consumption. "

Had a flash back to my highschool days.

Aleckii - hope we haven't turned you off to putting in a full trip report..I would love to hear your thoughts on your European travels.

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Feb 12th, 2007, 12:31 PM
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I have no idea really what this thread is about.

I eat, drink and be merry - a lot - and still have my first set of kidneys and a job.

I also smoked like a chimney until last year - when vanity rather than lung cancer took hold of me. I chucked out the cigarettes and spent the money on la prairie.

The towns, the towns!

Whilst I support Aleckiis method of travelling - we should perhaps move the whole culture shock thing to the lounge. I hate all this crap about smoking and drinking and wanton abandon in Europe.

Why'd y'all get off the Mayflower

Feb 12th, 2007, 12:49 PM
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"And actually, my friend was saying lame lame lame as we were walking through the palatine hills in a joking manner. He didn't mean anything bad out of it."

Sounds like someone to mask with an inferiority complex with an air of superiority to me.
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Feb 12th, 2007, 01:06 PM
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"Why'd y'all get off the Mayflower"

Boy, ain't that the truth? I drank like a fish for 7 years in my 20's, quit that but still smoked like a chimney until a couple years ago. I'm glad I have a "past." And I'm not a stereotypical reformed anything. I had a lot of fun & don't regret a second.

My theory is that most people rebel sooner or later, one way or the other. The balding, paunchy guy who suddenly buys a red Mercedes convertible, dumps his reliable wife, Helen & is seen around town with Heather is rebelling.

You just look better as a rebel when you're young.
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Feb 12th, 2007, 01:21 PM
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A couple long nights does not cirrhosis make... And it she was conscious at 7 a.m. it wasn't THAT bad!

It's great, wonderful, to have goals and follow through on them. But as a person who went "straight through" school to grad school to career, you can reach a point where you have this career that's going well, but you wonder if you rushed it...

So, yes, you'll be a doctor at 23, but then what will you do after that? Aim for retirement in twenty years? Thirty years? 23 is too young to be praying for retirement, so make sure to live life along the way. I'm not advocating cigarettes or drinking to excess, but do let loose a bit.

I aim to live my life (which is not to say I've succeeded) so that I work and plan for a rich, full and fulfilling life, but not be so goal- and work-focused that if I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I'd have missed out on the great parts of living.
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Feb 12th, 2007, 01:45 PM
Original Poster
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Haha! Look what a turn this thread has taken. Though I agree with all of you, but I was raised into a society with certain norms and values. Where certain things are 'right' while others are 'not'. And I suppose everything that stands is between and beyond, are considered not appropriate, very seldom tolerated or simply ignored. You can't blame us, we have our own asian cultures. As much as the tv and the internet have started to teach us otherwise, we still hold true to our values and norms.

In my 4 years of studies, we pay a lot of attention to what smoking and drinking do to your system (yes, we study about this even in Russia), refer to any medical books, any doctors, research on the internet, you'll find lots of information about it.

>>I wonder how many more years will she be spending before her liver cirhosis, lung cancer and brain damage kicks in?<<

I said years, not weeks or days, cirhosis, lung cancer, brain damage are all associated with alcohol intake and smoking, again- research it over the internet.

Though I respect all of you who smoke and alcohol, I sincerely harbour no ill intentions and could wish only the same out of you. I agree it is a choice of life, but the point of the thread was to express my shock at what I saw the time I spent in Rome. Which I have honestly never encountered anywhere else in my life.

>>but not be so goal- and work-focused that if I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I'd have missed out on the great parts of living.<<

Yea, I agree. Ergo this trip I took to europe, to broaden my horizons, to experience a different cultures, see different sights, etc.

I enjoyed every single one of them, just this experience, ergo I am only sharing my thoughts on the matter.

Ira! Where did you go! Heehee, the speediest replier to my questions.
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Feb 12th, 2007, 03:35 PM
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I'm so confused I don't know WHAT to think.......

Will stick to reading your other thread re: your trip report instead of trying to respond to this thread anymore....my head decidedly hurts!!
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