I need a practice room! (piano)

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I need a practice room! (piano)

I am an 18 years old danish girl who would love to move to italy in february. But I desperately need a place to practice on the piano meanwhile since I am practicing about 6 hours a day. So if anybody knows anyone who could help me out I would be so happy if you let me know. Of course i would rent a room against well payment.
It could be a pianist, a musicschool, private family, Anything!
Thanks a lot for reading through. I cross my fingers
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Do you need the room in Italy, or in Denmark?

Does it matter to you where you go in Italy in February? There are lots of pianos in Italy!
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I would contact the music schools in towns you like as i am sure you can rent space or they will know where you can and might even know a family.. maybe advertise and ask on that town's facebook page.. good luck.
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Where will you be? We can't really help you without knowing where you'll be staying.
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For practicing six hours a day, using a family's piano wouldn't work.
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Many universities will have practice rooms. Perhaps you can contact the university nearest to where you will be staying and ask if they have piano practice rooms available.
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For general practice purposes you could use an electronic piano keyboard with earphones--just as string players use practice mutes, not the same as the full sound but good enough for practicing.
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It sounds as if you are a serious classical musician and need a real piano. Many churches have organs, but sometimes churches that have pianos will let a person use their piano for practice in return for playing for some of the services.

I would actually be happy to have you play in my home six hours a day. I love piano. It could be a problem in an apartment though.
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I play the piano, also, and do know such locations in Paris, but not in Italy. I agree if you are playing 6 hours a day, you are a serious student who wants to be a professional. An electronic keyboard absolutely will not do for such purposes, nor some rundown out of tune and unvoiced piano in some family. Unless its a family of music teachers.

If you are moving there, you have time to find out when there, wherver there is. No one can advise if you don´t say where. Then, contact a music conservatory and ask them, or try the best piano stores, they would probably know or perhaps even have one.
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Hi Christina, I need to find piano practice room in Paris. Could you please share the locations you know?

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okay, but my list is fairly old and I think some of these places don't exist any more. Generally, some of the piano stores may have practice rooms, there was one on bd Beaumarchais who did. I guess it is still around http://www.pianosbeaumarchais.fr/

Do you know French? practice room for rent is "studio a répétition à louer" in that notice. If you are in Paris, you can go to that store and find out about scheduling it and what it costs, or email them I guess.

Here's another one out in the 20th arr near Gambetta metro http://www.centre-chopin.com/page/lo...s.html?idArt=8

They have both uprights and grand pianos, it appears the upright is 8 euro per hour and a grand is 10. Seems reasonable to me, or you can buy a card for 10 hours for 80 euro for the grand.

Hamm pianos in the 5th arrondisement, rue Monge, also has one practice room, you have to reserve by phone it appears. It is 10 euro/hr also they have a Yamaha U1 which you probably know is a professional upright

This music library in the 8th arr. also has a room with a Yamaha U1 http://www.mediathequemahler.org/mmm...s/studio_piano

They do have an English page, it isn't clear to me how you gain access, but it says it is open to foreigners--they mention you are supposed to be a teacher or student, but I don't know the details, it looks like there is just a daily fee to access it http://www.mediathequemahler.org/en/

Those are the only ones I can think of now, I have a book a home and will try to remember to check it to see if I've forgotten any that are still open.
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Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle. (You understand, I know) Have you tried Google?
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okay, I checked my notes and the others I knew of don't exist any more, which is sort of the way it is going with piano sales and sheet music stores, which are mostly closing. One of my favorite sheet music stores in Paris has closed. Salle Pleyel used to have practice rooms but that venue has even closed and they don't have them for pianists out at Cite de Musique, where they have moved, as far as I know.

so the above are my best suggestions.

If you do want sheet music, my favorite remaining store is La Flute de Pan at 59 rue de Rome 75008
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Thank you so much for all the information. I have been contacting them one by one for availability.
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