How much $$$$ to take

Old Oct 29th, 2001, 07:48 AM
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How much $$$$ to take

Any recomendations on how much pocket money to take per day to Amsterdam?
This would be for museums, food ect.

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Museum entrance (large museums): 15 guilders
Lunch (cheap place): 10 guilders
Lunch (medium): 25 guilders
Lunch (expensive, with wine etc.): 50 guilders
Dinner: (cheap) 15 guilders
Dinner (medium, 3 courses) 50 guilders
Dinner (expensive place) 100 guilders
Beer in bar: 4 guilders
1 guilder = 41 US cents
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If you travel every year and your going after the first of the year you won't have to worry about left over money as the euro will be good almost anywhere for the next time. Those now traveling should know that banks won't take the coins for dollars back, so use them up.
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I tried to get Euros for my trip to Italy on November 1 and was told they don't have the currency yet. Odd, since they will phasing out lire the beginning of 2002. So I guess I will spend all the lire I have on this trip.
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The Euro becomes effective January 1,2002 at midnight.

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Maya, If I understand your question correctly it sounds as if you are planning on taking all the cash you need. keep in mind you will have to exchange that so you will probably get a better rate using an ATM once you get there to get money.
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Don't "take" any spending money with you. Get money every 2 or 3 days out of the local ATM machines. This gives the best exchange rate and you won't have too much money on you in case you lose any.

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