How much money should I carry?

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How much money should I carry?

When in italy, how much cash should I and my friend bring out each day for spending? excluding shopping.

Does food and drinks cost a lot in italy? What about transportation? Do we really needed? Or is it really a "walkable city" like everyone describe? My destinations are Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan.

Any recommendation on "cheap" resturaunts, cafes?

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Gary, it rather depends on what your lifestyle level is when travelling.

Most budget guidebooks recommend about US $20 to $25 per day for food per person, and up to another US$20 per person per day for sightseeing, bus/metro fares, etc. Personally I find this budget more than ample, whereas others might say it is too low to sample nicer restaurants. You will not, however, go hungry.
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for a wonderful experience in milan ask directions to pecks to eat. they have a n excellent array or hot and cold food. you go see what you want and then pay the cashier who will give you a slip to take back to the counter where you will be served. its not a high class rest. but a fun cafeteria style place with good moderately priced food. its hard to find so get some help there
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Rome, Venice and Milan are all pretty large cities to walk around in. It pays to try to investigate public transportation such as the vaporetti in Venice. Florence is pretty "walkable"--one area to be cautious in is near the train station as in all Italian cities. You will eat well for not a lot of money in Italy. You can eat your main meal at lunch for a bit less than dinner prices. Wines are not terribly expensive, but liquor is. Figure out the exchange rate and then study the posted menus outside all Italian restaurants before you go inside. Many places take credit cards and ATMs are abundant. I wouldn't carry much cash--maybe the equivalent of $30, and one credit card in your front pants pocket (for security). Be sure you've written the credit card number down and kept it separately just in case.
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Don't carry a lot of cash with you. Use credit cards whenever you can and ATM to get any necessary cash.
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i disagree with the previous posters-maybe because my bank nickel and dimes us for every ATM withdrawal. we usually pull out the equivalent of $300 and split the cash up between us. that way a pickpocket gets a maximum of $75 (in our case). this lasted us 2 days for 4 people eating like pigs.

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