How dangerous is Termini station? Rome?

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How dangerous is Termini station? Rome?

I am going to Rome for a week and have been told by many people that Rome, the station in particular is quite dangerous. Now I have travelled before to big cities (paris, athens) so I can't see how dangerous it can be, but how quite a few people have said it now.
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Dangerous? In what way, is some drug crazed maniac going to push you in front of a speeding train? I don't think so. It's like any other huge transportation center, people hurrying everywhere. I think when people say it's dangerous, they might be referring to the area surrounding the station in that it's not the most desirable location to seek lodging. Was there in March and saw nothing that would fit in the 'dangerous' category. Busy, congested, confusing, yes. Probably not an ideal place for a woman alone to be roaming around at midnight, but using common sense there should be no problems.
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We were prepared for an onslaught of muggers, terrorists and the like (and at Naples termini, esp) last year after hearing a few yarns...all for naught, Linda. I've traveled single most of my life and have a watchful eye, and my take was that Rome was no different than any other large city - in fact, I saw more police than average. We were there 2 weeks, out all the time, and never had or saw incidents. There were women with babies begging (Fodorites call them 'gypsies'?) at Termini, but a firm loud 'no' sends them off.
I never take my hands (or feet, if necessary) off my luggage and look around myself at all times. Maybe I've been very lucky....
Several locals told me that the area south of Termini is a high-crime area, esp. at night. Not much there anyway.

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Just wear a money belt and you will be fine. Someone on the subway tried to pick pocket my husband and a friend got her wallet stolen near the colloseum. Neither place near the termini. If you wear a money belt, you will not have to worry about these things. I have even stayed near the termini and it was ok. I was with a group of friends and I would not pick it again as a place to stay. But my husband did like the idea of getting up early and walking to the termini to get an english news paper and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately my husband seems to get targeted by pick pockets. This has happened in Spain and France and Italy, that is why a good eye and a money belt are necessary.
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It's a little grubbier looking than the other cities you mention visiting but no problem during the day as long as you maintain your vigilance. I don't think a money belt is necessary unless this brings you some mental comfort. (I'd rather stay home!)

Note to Sue: Please tell you husband that coffee and English-language newspapers are available all over Rome!
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Of coarse there is coffee and english news papers all over Rome, but when I say my husband gets up early, I mean 5:30 and the termini is open. The point is Linda you will be fine, do not stress over the dangers at the termini.
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In early July six of us left the Far&Wide-Grand European tour in Florence because of the unfortunate and uncomfortable situation on the bus and with many of the other passengers ( When we arrived in Rome -- somewhat stunned because we had paid for and anticipated arriving in Rome on an organized tour, we were left to fend for ourselves and secure transportation to the hotel.

By sheer luck (and probably a few answered prayers), we met a man at the terminal who had a Mercedes private taxi (van) which could hold all six of us with room to spare and took us to the hotel. He had such a nice face and we decided to take our chances and place our trust in him. He was a gem and ended up being our "chauffer" for two days while in Rome.

His name is Tony - phone number in Rome is 3485464914. He took us on a 4-hour tour of Rome the following day; and took us on a 5-hour trip to Tivoli the next day (a really worthwhile trip, about an hour outside of Rome) to tour the Villa D'Este. While his English is somewhat limited, he could not have been more helpful and courteous.

When we were leaving Rome (also by train), he picked us up at the hotel and drove us to the terminal (he always arrived 20 minutes early). We had quite a bit of luggage so he found a friend to handle it for us (and arranged the low price). He then returned just before our train left to make sure we got onto the train okay and we all hugged good-bye.

For six people, he only charged 100 Euro for the 4-hour tour and 115 Euro for the 5-hour trip to Tivoli for four of us.

He is honest, nice, helpful and very reasonable. Please consider calling him for your transporation needs while in Rome.

His business card:

TONYCAR - rent a car with driver
Limousine and minibus
Airport service - Sightseeing
Tel. 3485464914

Good luck.

If you call him, please tell him Mom, Grandma, and the teens from Atlanta send their regards!

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As a female traveling alone to Termini station, I didn't feel unsafe at all. I am very cautious, so I don't make light of these things. Just be aware of your surroundings and keep and eye on your stuff in any train station in the world. You will do great.
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I had a bag stolen from me in the station while I was waiting for my husband to buy tickets.

Fortunately I only regret the sentimental things stolen because all our valuables were in money belts.
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To Linda - I just tried to access the website and got the message that it was closed. What was this about?
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