Hotels in Interlaken

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Hotels in Interlaken

I am interested in any experiences with hotels in Interlaken, Switzerland. Planning to visit next June-July.
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Pardon me for side-stepping your question for a moment, Suzanne, and let me ask why you would want to stay in Interlaken?

If you're going there for the mountains (and wonderful ones indeed), you need to know that Interlaken is not in the mountains. It's about 10 miles outside, cut off from most views by a ring of foothills.

The Jungfrau region is about as fine a mountain area as you'll find in Europe, but you really ought to stay in the mountains to get the most of it. Muerren is our favorite village, Wengen a good second choice. Grindelwald and Gimmelwald are other alternatives.

You'll find an introduction to the region beginning at and following links you'll find some hotel recommendations as well, including some in Interlaken. (And by the way, you'd help yourself get more helpful answers if you'd let us know what price range you'd like.)

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What Ed said !
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Good point about prices! We're looking at places rated with 3-4 stars; range, most are running abour $100-150 a night. We plan to stay three nights for 4+ days in the area.

I've read that Interlaken is not, as you say, truly a mountain town but is a good central location for day trips whether to the mountains or lakes. I read your web site and we will definitely consider the other towns you mention. Thanks for the info.
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We stayed at the Hotel Weisses-Kruez and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed Interlaken. Be sure not to miss the Bucherer store--the watches and clocks are excellent and reasonably priced. They have a website and I ordered several items for Christmas a couple of years ago. They arrived quickly and safely. There is a special William Tell musical-type show (all in Germna) but interesting. It is a beautiful little town.
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Yes, if you are into shopping then stay in Interlaken. Or to save money just stay at home or go to your nearest big city and shop. If you are interested in Switzerland, hiking, seeing beautiful scenery and mountains, and getting to know Switzerland, then go elsewhere, preferably Murren, Grindelwald, or Wengen, just like Ed says.
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Bob Brown
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Interlaken is good if you are using it as a base to go elsewhere. If you want to stay in a town on the lake, consider either Spiez or Thun as well. They each have character, and fewer tourists.
After 3 visits there for various purposes - picking up rental car, taking the train, just seeing what it had to offer on a day when the mountains were socked in -- I think you can see the place fairly rapidly.
On the other hand, the BOB train for Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen leaves frequently from Interlaken Ost.
From those two places, you can take other means of transportation higher, farther, and deeper into the mountains.
Two great gondola rides await you in Grindelwald: the Firstbahn and the Mannlichenbahn. The latter being the longest gondola ride in the Alps, so the publicity says. The Mannlichen ridge is situated so that it gives inspiring views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungrau peaks.
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I agree with some of the others, make your base in Wengen or Murren. The scenery there blows Interlaken away. The area is one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have visited.
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Maybe we are the "oddballs" but we LOVED Interlaken when we were there this May! How "Tom" can equate it to your normal "big city" is beyond me.

Interlaken is just beautiful and we gazed at magnificent mountains from our hotel window each day. We stayed at the Hotel Interlaken which was just across from the Interlaken West train station and buses and it was so convenient each morning to hop on various types of transportation and take off in any direction with our Berner Oberland Regional Pass.

We stayed a week and went to a different mountain town each day. Murren, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen etc. etc. They are magnificent to see but we would not have wanted to spend the week hoteled in any of them. We had more choices of restaurants, supermarkets, shops and transportation systems readily available in Interlaken.

It all depends how you want to spend your time and what "you" are looking for in your stay. For "us" Interlaken was perfect!

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