Hotels & resturants

Jul 12th, 2001, 06:50 PM
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Hotels & resturants

Would appreciate some recomendations on both hotels and resturants in Athens. How many days should a person spend in the city?
Jul 13th, 2001, 08:58 AM
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Before I left for Greece I called the Greek church in my city. I asked them how much time I should spend in Athens and they said as little as possible. They were right and two days was more than enough. Once you see the Greek ruins, the main museum, and old town there is really nothing else in this polluted city. A three star hotel that was in old town was the Plaka. The price was good,the room clean, and there were views from different parts of the hotel. It was also a good location for walking and seeing the sights and it was surrounded by restaurants.
Jul 13th, 2001, 01:23 PM
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I did not care for Athens and would recommend just one full day there, personally. I found it big and polluted and couldn't wait to get out of there. Obviously the Acropolis is amazing, and I enjoyed strolling around the Plaka neighborhood, but I really enjoyed Greece a lot more once I got out of Athens. The islands are wonderful, relaxing, and far less expensive than Athens.
Jul 13th, 2001, 07:35 PM
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I don't think Athens is as grim as the other respondents make it out to be. The more popular tourist islands are not cheaper, and at any rate, "cheaper" is relative. All of Greece is quite cheap by comparison to the US or the more pricey western European countries.

While the bulk of modern Athens is somewhat charmless (many concrete bunker style of apartment blocks, for exmpl), I think there are enough diversions to occupy one's self for about 3 days (I stayed 5 days and that WAS too much). Keep in mind there are some worthwhile local excursions, eg to Cape Sounion.

A helpful resource is , although do take some of it with a grain of salt ... I think all travel writers must necessarily be overly chirpy, cheerful, and upbeat.

The web site, I think, is fairly accurate in its assessment:

"... a big sprawling, congested, noisy, chaotic, polluted city ...
Sounds awful right? Don't worry. Athens is a fun place. It just looks like hell at first glance ... You can have a great time in this city and actually miss it when you return home. If this does not seem possible to you ... trust me and read on ... "

By no means, was Athens my favorite place in Greece. Naufplion, where I spent 4 days, was a much more pleasant small city.
Jul 14th, 2001, 08:03 AM
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you did ask about hotels & restaurants!
depends on you budget --

I liked Electra Palace Hotel in Plaka (not to be confused with "Electra Hotel"- totally different). Electra Palace is a reasonably modern hotel, with helpful front desk, on as quiet a street as you're likely to find in Athens. It has a rooftop bar, pool, and restaurant with great views of the Acropolis and the city in general. Walking distance to Acroplois and Ancient Agora, and of course you are in Plaka. Rates last August were about 44000 Drachma (about US$140 then).

For a more elegant dining experience I liked Daphni's (or Daphne's, sp? )Restaurant, in a restored 19th century mansion and patio (in Plaka). Service quite good (a rarity) and they well prepared regional entrees & appetizers, & interesting greek wine list. Daphne's is very expensive by greek standards (but not US)- dinner for two without wine, will be around $50-60. I liked it enough to dine there twice.

There are dozens of other more traditional & less expensive tavernas in Plaka, many of which are over touristy and/or overpriced for what you get. Pick one where there are at least a significant number of local greeks dining, and you probably can't go too wrong. Most of the tavernas are fairly interchangeable & indistinguishable as far as menus & quality are concerned.

Any recommendation in a guidebook is likely to be at least 1-2 years out of date, and in some cases the taverna owners allow their standards & quality to drop (and prices rise) after they become "famous" in Fodors and Frommers, and come to expect a steady stream of tourists- take those recommendations with a grain of salt. Similarly, a local's recommendation is as likely to be influenced by his brother-in-law's cousin's uncle owning the place, as the food and ambience being good.
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