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HotelBoulevard Changes Room Rate after Confirmation

HotelBoulevard Changes Room Rate after Confirmation

Aug 27th, 2001, 05:15 PM
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HotelBoulevard Changes Room Rate after Confirmation

Here is my question: I made a reservation thru HotelBoulevard for a room at the Manior St Germain, for 15 nights in december/January the confirmed rate was 1100 ffr per night for a twin room. Today I received a phone call from a representative at Hotel Boulevard who left a message stating that they made a mistake and the rate should really be 1400 ffr a night. Here is my quandry , Doesn't a conformation lock in a rate ? Can they legally raise the confirmed rate and whay should I do about it. We purchased tickets based on this reservation. All help would be appreciateed
Aug 27th, 2001, 05:27 PM
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Sandra, do you have the confirmed rate in writing? If you do you may have some ammunition for an argument with hotelboulevard.

It could be that the hotel changed their pricing policy and hotelboulevard wishes to pass on the cost. Without written confirmation I'm not sure of the legalities here, and short of cancelling the reservation and contacting your credit card provider to refuse all charges there's not much you can do but argue your point. Tell them you'll post your stance on websites everywhere, that may get their attention.

Aug 27th, 2001, 05:31 PM
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Thanks Jane but I have a written email confirmation of dtes,hotel,and rate. I always thought that when you got this it ment it was fianl.
Aug 27th, 2001, 05:39 PM
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Ok, you have written confirmation, that's good.

Contact the person who told you of the higher rate, and state your case. You have a written confirmation with hotelboulevard (I'll use H/B for short here), and that's that.

If they argue that the hotel increased the rates, tell them that is between H/B and the hotel. Your contract (it is a contract) is between you and H/B. Can't H/B make an exception? I mean after all it is in the middle of winter. Ok I'm rampbling here, but I think you get the guist of where you need to go with this.

Best of luck, and let me know how it turns out --> [email protected]
Aug 27th, 2001, 10:20 PM
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to the top
Aug 28th, 2001, 09:59 AM
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Im not a lawyer, but I don't think you have any contract at all if you have not paid for anything. Hotelboulevard is just a reservation service, that's all. If the hotel changed its rates, it is now telling you, that's all. I presume you can always cancel if you don't like the new rates. That's a big price difference which suggests probably a higher quality room and that std quality wasn't available or something. Furthermore, many hotels have highest level seasonal rates in Paris around Xmas/NY, it could be that. YOu don't mention that you made any payment for anything, just that you made a reservation; if you have not prepaid for the rooms, I'd say there's nothing you can do about it.
Aug 28th, 2001, 04:38 PM
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change hotels...why not stay in an apt. checkout www.paris-apartments.com I did and it looks nice...7 nt min
Aug 28th, 2001, 04:49 PM
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1400F per night for 15 nights? Yikes! Why not rent an apartment and cancel the reservation with HB? But if you do stay with the confirmed reservation, I'd fight it. Your "contract" was with HB, not with the hotel. If they "made a mistake" as you say they admitted to, THEY should eat the difference.
Aug 28th, 2001, 06:08 PM
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I'm not a lawyer either, but I always understood that once one had submitted a credit card number in respect of a reservation, one was in effect submitting 'payment' - even if the card isn't going to be debited until the time of the reservation. Ergo, this would make the confirmation a contract, yes?

I remember when we reserved rooms for Italy, hotels would insist on having a signed fax, as well as a credit card number; perhaps in some countries, a signature is also required to make a contract.

One thing I do note is that the time of the reservation is more than 90 days away from the time of notification of the mistake. I seem to recall that 90 days is 'typically' taken as a reasonable period of notice - but again, maybe a lawyer can advise. Preferably one who practices in France!
Aug 28th, 2001, 06:29 PM
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I would phone HotelBoulevard and explain that you expect them to honor your original confirmation, otherwise you'll just have to report your experience on every travel board you can find on the world wide web. But, as StCirq mentioned, I would definitely shop around (either of those rates seems awfully high for December/January), contact the hotel directly, or rent an apartment.
Aug 28th, 2001, 06:39 PM
Not a Lawyer
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I'm not a lawyer either, but just submitting a credit card number really doesn't guarantee you anything. For example, hotels routinely overbook and may not have the room that you reserved even if you provided a credit card number.
Aug 28th, 2001, 06:42 PM
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A contract implies that money changed hands. So did Hotelboulevard charge your credit card yet? If it hasn't you don't have much of a stance, but if they did than it's a contract.
Aug 28th, 2001, 07:05 PM
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I agree with Jane on that.
What is the point of reservation if it does not guarantee the price or the availability.
And the credit card is supplied to cover the no-show, so hotel protects their interests, how client is protected.
I stayed recently in one hotel in Paris
they had buffet breakfast that was not included. So the guy told me that it costs 150Fr per person (the same number was on the board in the reception). And I had shown him my printed from e-mail reservation that stated that the breakfast is 90Fr.
He didn't even argue, he agreed immediately.
Unless the reservation specifically states that prices might change, and it's up to the management's policy.
Is your hotel worth fighting for?
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