Hotel Choissy in Paris?

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Hotel Choissy in Paris?

Has anyone stayed at the Hotel Choissy in Paris or know anything about it? Any little known tips for first timer to Paris? Looking for recommendations of out of the way, non-touristy restaurants from $10-$35 per person.
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If you don't get any info here on the hotel, look for comments from past guests at
I have a Paris file that may be helpful; if you'd like to see it, email me.
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That's pretty obscure, I don't think you'll find it anywhere much (BTW it is spelled "choisy"), but sometimes it is surprising who you find on here who has been to unknown hotels, so you might get lucky. It's a typical budget Parisian two-star hotel, modern furn, small room, TV in corner near ceiling, etc (a French budget peculiarity) located a few blocks south of place d'Italie on ave de Choisy in the 13th. Not a very exciting area or hotel, but it is very cheap apparently, but since you are a first-timer, I really think you would enjoy staying elsewhere near more action and central Paris. There are not many hotels in that range (which I think is around 300F), but I think you can come close and be happier in the 5th, close-in 14th (Montparnasse) or the 4th in some well-known cheap hotels. For example, the Castex in the 4th or the Jeanne d'Arc have much better locations and are not a lot more than that. In the 5th near the Sorbonne, you might consider the Hotels College de France, Cujas Panhtheon, Cluny Sorbonne, Hotel des Trois Colleges or Hotel des Mines (I think these range from about 450-525F). The Hotel Excelsior is only a one-star and around 400F on rue Cujas (home of several budget hotels) and has some good comments on (where you can see a few others, also), but I don't know anyone who's stayed there. I stay in the Montparnasse area and think the area south of there is superior to the 13th and pl d'Italie, altho I suppose some would disagree; the Hotel Daguerre is in a nice area in the 14th and only about 450F (some slightly more expensive hotels near bd Montparnasse are the Delambre and Istria). There are quite a few cheap choices in the 7th arr, also, which I also think would be preferable to the 13th for ambience (ie, H Grand Leveque, Champ de Mars, Muguet), altho I myself would prefer the 14th or 5th. I might be able to recommend some cheap restaurants if you settle on a location, but how out of the way are you willing to go for dinner? (I myself would not travel very far for a meal) Perhaps you have settled on the Hotel Choisy, if so, just say so. Oh, BTW, the only place I found online info and pictures on Hotel Choisy in case you haven't seen it was this URL:
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Just returned from Paris and stayed at the Hotel De Weha, which is a few blocks from the Hotel Choisy, in the 13th arrondisement. This area is on the outskirts of Paris, less conjested, much less tourists and much cheaper. The Metro takes you to the major attractions in 20 minutes. We found some wonderful brassaries and cafes in the area, where we were the only Americans, including many French, Spanish, and Asian foods ($10-15 a person). Grocery stores, fruit markets and pastry markets are abundant. I walked the neighborhood alone each morning and felt perfectly safe (45 yr old female). Some other arrondisements certainly seems more "French", but we enjoyed this area as well.
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Just returned from long weekend in Paris. Had a great time. Stayed at
Hotel Muguet/11 rue de Chevert--many
postings on Fodors led me to this hotel and it was a great choice. 600ff per night for a very large queen bed-nice
bathroom and delicious breakfast for 45ff. Also had fabulous dinner round the main street--Florimond--great menu at
168ff fixed. Enjoy!
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Christina, could you share where you stay in Montparnasse? You seem very knowledgeable about the area, and from what I have seen and read, it seems like an interesting, non-conjested area to stay in , particularly the more southernly parts of it.

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