Train to Paris from Copenhagen???

Old Nov 21st, 2000, 07:24 PM
Dee Ashley
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Train to Paris from Copenhagen???

Is there a train from Copenhagen to Paris? How often does it run? How long does it take? Where would I find scheduling info?


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Ben Haines
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Dear Ms Ashley,

You'll find times in table 20 of the Thomas Cook European Timetable, which may be in the reference library of a city near you. All trains run daily: you need to change trains. The most convenient connection is to leave Copenhagen at 1747 in a buffet car train, dine in the train ferry boat between 1935 and 2040, change at Hamburg main station at 2215, take a berth at 2247 in a 1, 2 or 3 berth sleeper or in a rather crowded 6-berth couchette compartment, breakfast in the buffet car or sleep through, and arrive in Paris at 0908. This connection gives you a fairly complete day in Copenhagen, a long night's sleep, and a full day in Paris.

With less convenience, you can buy a packed supper, leave by sleeper or couchette at 1848, arrive at Cologne at 0657, have breakfast, and take the 0802 buffet car train that reaches Paris at 1205.

By day you can leave Copenhagen by buffet car train at 0752, change at Lubeck from 1140 to 1240, a restaurant car train, change at Cologne from 1751 too 1802, and reach Paris at 2205. This connection lets you see the countrysude, but it's flat and dull apart from an hour in the Ardennes at 1900, when it may be dark.

The January 2000 issue of the book showed the single basic fare in US dollars as 222 US dollars. To this you add on the earlier night journey 5 dollars for the first train and 45 dollars for a berth in a 3-berth sleeper or 15 dollars for a couchette berth. On the later night journey you add the same 45 or 15 dollars for a night berth, and 15 dollars for a seat on the fasyt train from Cologne to Paris. On the daytime set of connections you add a total of 20 dollars. So the total second class fare varies from 242 dollars by day to up to 282 dollars by night. First class with a berth in a 2-berth or a single sleeper compartment is about 400 or 450 dollars. The January 2001 edition will have current fares, but they won't change much.

I have on disc a note on using couchettes and sleepers in Europe: shall I copy it to you ? And in general please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines, London
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Hi Dee.

I know you asked about train to Paris but when looking at the prices and time used I have a suggestion.

You could take a flight from Copenhagen to Bruxelles with virgin (I think it's It takes 1 hour 20 min. and the price is around 50$. From Bruxelles airport you take a train to mainstation in Bruxelles (Gare du Midi) and change to the Thalys, which cost around the same as the fligh ticket(or a little less) and takes you to Gare du Nord in Paris in 1½ hour. The flight from Paris is leaving three times a day and the Thalys leaves every hour. If you need more info please mail at [email protected]
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Bob Brown
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Hi Dee. Ben's information is as usual like money in the world's safest bank.
But, the accuracy of the information cannot do anything to reduce the run time of a minimum of 14 hours plus.
Therefore, given the pricing structure, I think the airline option is much better, unless of course you love riding trains. (I like them, but after 6 hours I am ready to get off.)
If you cannot locate a convenient copy of the Thomas Cook info that Ben cites, the German train system web site gives the best information that I have found on the web for free.
I am assuming that if you can get to Fodors, you can get to the German rail site. Here is the URL:
All information is in English, but you should spell it Koebenhavn for the quickest response. The site may be in
English, but some of the spellings seem to be German transliterations, with the oe being the German character ö - the letter o with two dots over it.
What you will see is what Ben said.
The shortest run time from Copenhagen to Paris is 14 hours and 13 minutes, leaving at 7:52 and arriving Paris Nord at 22:05. (There is one night train involving only one stop, but it takes over an hour longer to make the trip.)

You go via Hamburg where you change for Cologne (Köln); in Cologne you change again for Paris. The Hamburg - Cologne run is pretty much a "milk" run because of the frequent stops. The trip from Copenhagen to Hamburg is slow because the train is loaded onto barges and ferried for part of the trip.
It has been a while since I rode the Hamburg - Cologne leg of that trip, but the times seem to be about the same, as do the stops: Bremen, Osnabruck, Münster, etc.
The run from Cologne to Paris is much quicker, with only 3 intermediate stops.
(4 hours total)
I know what I would do. I would fly.
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Bob Brown
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OOPPPS. I should have said only one change of trains on the Copenhagen Paris run. One stop is absurd!! And quite mistaken. Sorry about that.

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