Hotel Choice: Sarlat area

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Hotel Choice: Sarlat area

We are hoping to spend about four nights in the Sarlat area next May. Do any of you have opinions or advice on the following hotel choices: In Sarlat, Hotel de Selves, Hotel des Recollets. In La Roque-Gageac, the Hotel Belle Etoile. Thanks for your input.
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Hotel Plaisance in Vitrac reasonably price and superlative food . Cheaper than Belle Etoile and centrally situated for touring Dordogne.
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I would cross the Hôtel de Selvès off the list. It's a monstrous white cement thing on the busiest street in Sarlat, and since most people go to the Dordogne for beautiful scenery and lovely old architecture, it seems a waste to stay in such a place.

The Recollets is OK, but of the three you've mentioned I'd definitely pick the Belle Etoile. And if you don't stay there, at least be sure to have dinner there one night.

The Hotel Plaisance in Vitrac that corky mentioned is also very nice looking, though I haven't seen the rooms.

Other nice places to stay include l'Esplanade in Domme and La Domaine de la Barde in Le Bugue.
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We stayed at La Ferme Lamy about halfway between Sarlat and Les Eyzies. We thought it was a terrific location and away from the congestion of Sarlat but just a short drive away. We had a huge upstairs room in a stone building. There were two seating areas, a large table, a credenza, nightstands, good reading lights, gorgeous linens and drapes and a pleasant decor. It was totally quiet because it was in the country. There was also a lovely vanishing pool with comfortable chairs and tables surrounding it and a beautiful view of the valley. La Ferme Lamy was recommended by St. Cirq a couple of years ago. It was one of the nicest places we stayed in the Dordogne. We travelled the back roads to all the little towns in the area. In 2001, the price was $86.
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I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your stay at the Fermy Lamy, Jeannette. Someone wrote to me awhile back and said there was a terrible smell of disinfectant in there room there, so I had not recommended it since. I did drive by it this past spring, and the location is lovely as ever. I hope the disinfectant problem has been taken care of.
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St. Cirq: Sometimes a room can smell of disinfectant if they've had someone sick in there or mold or ants. It was such a wonderful place that I'd give it another chance myself. Thanks, again, for all of your great advice. My Dordogne trip was wonderful. I just got back from Tuscany but it didn't compare!
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We spent 4 nights in december at "hotel des recollets" in Sarlat and we don't recommend it.
The bathrooms were tiny and the boss very rough and unfriendly.
No smile until we paid the bill !
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Lordy, I didn't know staying in the Hotel de Selves was going to lay waste to such pitiful reputation as I have left. Lezzee, one night's sojourn and my aspirations to being a lady of taste, refinement, and appreciation of the Dordogne is toast....

That said, (she said as she honked loudly into her hankerchief) the hotel exterior indeed looks modern and nondescript. However, we found the street largely deserted when we arrived at 5 pm. Our room, while not overly large, was comfortable and the bathroom featured a full tub, one of the few we encountered in this price range. It overlooked the small courtyard and pool (which was still covered in April). It was walking distance to the market that was held the following morning, also to several restaurants. Enjoy your trip.
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Only two stars hotel-wise, but we've stayed a couple of nights and have had some enormously memorable meals at La Couleuvrine in Sarlat. Small but perfectly comfortable rooms, and a gorgeous dining room with a (lemon) tarte au citron that my spouse would do jail time for.

I think I recall StCirq doesn't think that highly of the place, but we've never gone wrong there (granted, in just a couple of visits.) In the central part of Sarlat but not in the most congested area.
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I don't THINK (she shouted I've maligned the Couleuvrine - in fact, I've had a couple of very good meals there. It's the St-André I don't think much of.

And the Selvès.....well, of course it's modern and has "amenities" you might not find in a quainter place, but it's just such an eyesore. Sorry, Sue..............
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Can't help with the choices you've asked about. However, we found Sarlat too big for our tasts and preferred to stay 20 minutes away in the small town of Beynac on the Dordogne River. Do a word search here because I think you will find comments on Hotel Belle Etoile.

Mant rave about Hotel Bonnet in Beynac. While we had a lovely dinner out on their patio and enjoyed the marvelous view, we stayed at the Hotel du Chateau. Ask for room 2,3, or 4, on the first (American 2nd) floor which share a huge private patio complete with sets of chairs and tables where one can sit and enjoy life as it parades by, sipping a glass of the local peach or nut liqueur. Rooms are spacious and clean. Restaurant among the best we've tried. We just drove up to Sarlat on Market day. Centre Ville is an absolute zoo and we were glad to only be visiting and not staying in Sarlat...for what it's worth.
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