Here kitty kitty???

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Hi Bashful. We are in the same boat as you. We lost our last wheaten terrier in August and are miserable without her. However we have put off travel for so long that we want to go on our 7 week trip to France.

What we have decided to do is try and co-own a wheaten with someone else. (we haven't picked the lucky person yet, LOL). But for us that seems a good solution.

I forgot to mention we have grown kids who live back East...and they want visits from us too so being without a dog has had its advantages. We just never ever thought we would be this lonely with out one.

Let us know what you do.
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Mixed emotions for sure. I no longer have a dog or a cat. Everytime we went on vacation the worry about them was terrible.

So now I can lock the door and take off without that problem But oh I do miss their company (am sure they are driving the angels crazy, LOL)

Do not personally know what the answer is. I do get to enjoy my daughter's two darling cats. Well one darling, one a bit strange. Except it was the the darling one that took a "vacation" for a week and then arrived home looking quite pleased with himself. And yes he had been nuetered so could not have caused much damage but we still wonder where he had been for a week.

Pets are so precious. Bashful, I am truly sorry for your loss. It is hard, I know.

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First of all, my condolances. My tip of the day would be to make sure your cat has meet the "cat sitter" a few times before you go. I made the costly mistake of not introducing our female cat to the cat sitter who came into our house to live for three weeks while we were in Italy last year. Both our dog and cat behaved badly ruining our carpet and my beautiful living room sofa. It is all such a crap shoot...excuse the pun.
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So sorry to hear about you kitty passing I am sure he was much loved. Would being a pet foster family work?
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I've fostered kittens and I think it's ideal given your circumstances. It can be very hard to give them up but it only really hurts for a day or two (because you always knew they were going) and usually their new owners call to tell you how they are doing and that makes it all worthwhile.
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As you might read from one of my posts we have lots of cats. The younger ones I left with a neighbor who is a vet. Usually I have a teenager neighbor or a family member who enjoys coming over daily if we are gone more than two days. They hang out for awhile and pet them, maybe watch tv. I used to do this when I was a teen, and adored my neighbor's cats, and relaxing in their house for a couple hours! I agree with the others- get 2 cats-or three, they will keep each other company. Maybe you could find a friend to take them in while you are gone?
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I also offer my condolences...I'm a fellow cat lover too.

I second the idea of getting 2 cats. We did that when we lost the older of our 2 cats. Our younger one really bounced back after we got another. We have 4 now--all rescues.

Anyway, it's amazing how much easier it is on them when we go away for a week or so now that there's more than one. (we have someone they know come in once or twice a day)

I think your idea of adopting 2 older cats is wonderful. You sound like a kind person...I'm sure you'll work out a satisfactory situation.
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Hi bashful - I am sorry for your loss. I lost one of my cats 2 years ago so I know how you feel.

My advice - try your travel plans for 6mths - 1 year without a pet. Give yourself time to be without an animal in the house for a while and go and travel.

If after a year you still want a pet, then get a cat and shorten your travel vacation time.
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