Help with our London-Paris trip???

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Help with our London-Paris trip???

We are planning a July trip to Paris (3days),
London (4days),and a car rental(3days)outside
of London. I know it will be a whirlwind tour, but we don't want to try and see and do
everything! I've been to these cities a number of years ago, but I'm bringing my wife
and another couple who haven't been there
before. Any suggestions on clean, relatively
well situated and reasonable hotels in both
Paris and London? ie.$ $150. (dbl)
Breakfast incl. would be a bonus? It would
also be great if they were close to the
Eurostar stations? One highlight of our trip
to London is an invitation to the Queen's annual Buckingham Palace Garden Party. Has
anyone ever been? Any tips? Is there any
places to stay in the vicinity of the palace?
ie. Victoria Station area? Is this a noisy
area? Would be great to find a central
hotel near a number of restaurants! Has anyone had much luck with accommodations in
the Paddington district? Is it as seedy as
some books say it is?
Any suggestions where to arrange a car rental
on the outskirts of London? As well as a
nice area we can visit for 3 days within
2 or 3 hours of London? (with B&B recommend.)
Lots of questions, but I'd really appreciate
ANY suggestions to help make our trip a
Thanks in Advance,

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Ben Haines
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Help with our London-Paris trip???
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Author: Tom ([email protected])
Date: 03/26/2002, 10:49 pm

Invitation to the Garden Party ! My goodness. My only hint is that it is much easier to walk there than to drive or be driven there: cars form in long queues, and guests leave their cars a good distance from the party entrance. Nothing stops you taking a bus or a tube to Victoria in garden party clothes (but take a clean plastic carrier bag to sit on), and from Victoria to the palace there are heaps of elegantly dressed people, that day.

With the e-mail copy of this message I am sending you a note I keep on disc on what Fodors forum writers thought of hotels on Ebury Street (ten minutes walk from the Palace) plus a reference to the Travellers Inn and the Royal Adelphi, convenient for the Eurostar terminus, and for fast movement to sightseeing places during your short stay.
The Travellers Inn is not so rich in nearby restaurants as are the Royal Adelphi and Ebury Street. Shall I copy you a note I have on pub lunches that I like in London ?

Paddington is a poor idea for you, often grubbier than Ebury Street and Charing Cross, and remoter from the sights and the palace. There are plenty of hotels of your kind in Paris just west of the Eurostar terminal at the Gare du Nord, around the Place de Roubaix in Paris dixieme.

During your motor tour where to stay depends on what you mean to see. If East Kent and Canterbury then I suggest Faversham. If Shakespeare country I dsuggest Leamingtoin Sa. I am afraid I am no help on car hire: happily I ceased to drive a decade ago.

Welcome back. Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines
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Tom - I don't have hotels to recommend specifically, but it does sound like the Victoria Station area might make your access both to the Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station and your trip to Bucks House most convenient. Just don't stay too close to the train station.

As far as touring for a few days outside of London...the possibilities are many. For example, you could take the Oxford (stop to see Blenheim Palace)..Cotwolds...Stratford-upon-Avon..Warwick Castle route. Or perhaps, not go so far north and instead combine the Cotswolds with Bath... Or Bath, Wells, Avebury, Stonehenge... If you do wish to pick up the A40/M40 for your journey, I can tell you that there are Budget and EuropCar rental offices on Woburn Place, near Russell Square and it is quite easy to escape the city from there. Another option, might be to take the train to Windsor, visit the Castle and the town of Windsor on foot, then pick up your car rental in Windsor.

Yet another option...take the train from Kings Cross Station to Cambridge. Then take the train further on to York. Don't need a car in either of these places. I can recommend lovely B & B's in both of these places. Was there last month.
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Tom - sorry, I meant to say "Glastonbury" rather than Avebury.

Also, listen to Mr. Haines..He is a Londoner and chock full of good advice!!
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Ben Haines
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For Tom: Not so kuch chock full as choked full. My e mail with notes on the hotels of Ebury Street, Royal Albany and Travellers Inn has not reached you: my software does not recognise your e mail address. It is too long for Fodors. Could you kindly e mail me, and I shall use the reply facility to send you the notes.

Sorry for the trouble.

Ben Haines

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For the garden party, remind your wife that she'll spend lots of time standing or walking on a lawn, so don't wear heels that will sink in.
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For Paris hotel, I suggest this one below, a charming hotel, very peaceful, five minute walk from the Arc De Triumph. It has a sitting garden in the back, breakfast included. When I went last year it was $120/night. I would stay there again.

Hôtel Regent's Garden
6 rue Pierre Demours, rue Pierre Demours, Paris, France, 75017
33 01 45 74 07 30 Fax: 33 01 40 55 01 42
email: [email protected]
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Just curious more than anything else, but how does one get on the invitee list for the Queen's Garden Party? Sounds like it might be a bit tricky to get invited unless you are someone of importance or know someone that is.

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Hi Tom,

I'd suggest the St. Germain area for a hotel. It's a nice area with lots of restaurants. Also, easy walking to major sites. check out this site for hotels:
I've used this service several times and it is very good.
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Ben Haines
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Tom may be to bashful to repkly, so I shall. Anybody any time can write to a kindly colonel in St James Palace to say that they know a Briton who is a good citizen, userful and of service to the community. The colonel checks around. If they have founded a great commercial empire they are knighted. If they are famous for their ability at organising annual village bazaars for thirty years they are invited to a garden party. In between they are offered the British Empire Medal, the Membership of the Order of the British Empire, the Officership of that order, or the Commandership. Or if Scots similar ranks in the Order of the Thistle (which I always think is more distinguished).

So yes, you must be imortant. But that may mean important to your colleagues.

Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines
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Thanks so much to everyone for the GREAT
information! Sorry Kim ([email protected]) for
not answering your question sooner, about getting a Garden party invitation. Ben's answer was one way.
I'm afraid mine wasn't quite so interesting. You need not be anyone of
importance to apply. Most embassies in
London have a quota. I applied thru the
Canadian embassy. They can apply for
70 citizens to attend each party. There
is usually 3 events per year. This year they fall on July 9th, 16th & 30th.
There is one in Edinburgh as well. You
must have your application in by Mar.15.
If you apply early and you are not wanted in 50 states (or provinces) you
have a good chance!
Thanks again to everyone for the helpful

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