help! rome hotel reservation question.

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help! rome hotel reservation question.

based on recommendations on this board and "best sleeps in Italy" i booked a rome at teh Hotel Primavera in Italy for October. They only take cash, so after calling, i sent a check to hold my room and asked them to write me to let me know that I was confirmed for the dates I needed. My check has been cashed, but no letter. Based on the cumulative experience of this board, should I not worry about it and assume my reservation is good?
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For peace of mind, I would email or call them and get a response. I think email is best so you have it in writing just in case. Also, bring the cancelled check.
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We stayed there several months ago. I sent them a check in advance for one night of our two night stay. About 10 days later, I sent them a fax and asked them to confirm the reservation and receipt of my check, which they did by return fax. (I don't think they have email.) When we checked out, we did not have to mention the deposit; they just deducted the amount of the check from the total bill. I did have my canceled check along with me -- I agree that this is a good idea -- but we had no problems at all.
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Thanks David -- how did you like the hotel?
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This similar thing happened to me, but at a hotel in Paris. They require a check to be sent for the first night's deposit. It's not my choice to send a hotel a check; I'd rather deal with a credit card reservation, but that's their policy and I had to comply.

I did call the hotel just to make sure of the procedure and the receptionist told me that if I wanted a confirmation by email, mail, or fax, then I needed to specify that on my confirmation of the proposal. The hotel required that if you agreed with the rate, room, etc. that they proposed in their offer, then you needed to send a confirmation that you agreed with it. Therefore, I sent the check with a detailed letter specifying everything.

I asked for an email confirmation from the hotel and got one.
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Pam, I was perfectly satisifed with the Hotel Primavera, since we were only paying around $110/night. Excellent location. Just a continental breakfast, and limited services, but quite acceptable considering the price.

I do want to clarify that I'm not saying that because we had no problems that you should count on everything being fine with your reservation. When I sent them my check, I asked them to confirm receipt via letter, fax, or email. When I didn't hear from them, I sent a fax, and they did reply to that. As I recall, the fax machine is in the breakfast room. Anyway, I don't think they have email, and they don't seem to want to reply to letters, but they did reply to my fax, so I suggest you send them a fax and request confirmation of your reservation and of receipt of your deposit (even though you know they cashed the check).
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Pam, we never received the confirmation that we requested when we sent the check for deposit but phoned later to make sure they had received it. (We also brought our cancelled check just in case) Based on our experience there, I highly recommend that you do reconfirm your reservation and also suggest that you temper your expectations if you are expecting any "charm". The location can't be beat but...

As we were checking in, a woman arrived to check in and the manager could not find her reservation. As he was showing us to the annex across the street (which was necessary because although we'd reserved an air conditioned room on the fifth floor - at an additional daily charge - the a/c on that entire floor was not working and this was during the June heat wave) he said he didn't have her name, kind of laughed and said it happens all the time.

By the way, the annex was no was obviously still in the process of being remodeled and not really ready for guests , and the "air conditioning" was, as far as we could tell, just a fan - maybe not hooked up yet.

Despite his comment regarding reservations, Victorio (the manager) was pleasant and did his best to switch reservations around after we declined to stay in the annex. He gave us a small room on the fourth floor (where the reception is) that had a/c (pretty anemic though), but also had holes in the bathroom ceiling, a funky smell, mediocre level of cleanliness, and was overall just a depressing place to be. (Really good strong, hot shower though since the hot water heater was in a closet in our bathroom)

We were also told that we'd probably have to switch rooms the next day. Since we'd already paid for the night and it was late afternoon - we thought too late to look for something else - we stayed for that night. The next night was to be our last in Italy, and we decided that we didn't want to spend it there. So we checked out and found someplace else - more expensive but well worth it to not end our trip on a disappointing note.

I'd found a glowing description of the hotel in the Hello Italy guidebook and also seen many good comments here so maybe my expectations were too high. The main hotel was also obviously being renovated and that definitely contributed to the problems we encountered (holes in the ceiling and non-working air) but I didn't think that even the fifth floor room we were first shown was as nice as the descriptions I'd read had led me to expect.

Since you are going in October, the a/c probably won't be an issue and hopefully the renovations will be complete. Still, I'd recommend that you confirm and reconfirm your reservation and expect basic accommodations to avoid disappointment.
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