Help, please!

Dec 2nd, 2000, 05:51 AM
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Help, please!

I just got an amazing opportunity to go to Italy for one week. (I will meet up with my husband who will be doing business in Trieste). I want to see so much, but realize that a week is a short amount of time. Does anyone have any advice on what to see in such a short period of time? FYI- we don't travel well and seem to enjoy country areas rather than crowded cities. Also, would we be doing our trip injustice by just taking in northern Italy and not seeing places like Rome and Pompeii. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Dec 2nd, 2000, 07:21 AM
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Pam--- planning a last minute trip can be an overwhelming proposition. So, first things first. Go to the nearest library/bookstore and get yourself a guidebook of Italy, specifically the area where your husband will be conducting business and of the areas you wish to see. Then decide which one appeal most to you. A week is not a lot of time for Italy and ideally, you should try to select a home base, and day trip from there. If you rather enjoy the countryside, then Trieste is perfect as it is very close to the Dolomites. We drove thru and around the Dolomites and I can tell you that some of the drives in that area are some of the most scenic drives ever. Trento was a nice surprise, very beautiful and old town. At a minimum, you should venture into Venice for at least a day.

When are you going?
Dec 2nd, 2000, 09:32 AM
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Thanks for the advice. We are going Christmas week!
Dec 2nd, 2000, 09:56 AM
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What to do with an unexpected week in europe is as much a function of you ans who you (and your husband) are, as it is a function of what there is to see and do in Europe.

Is this your first trip to Europe? to Italy? How old are you? Why is this an amazing opportunity? Have you wantesd to go to Europe for a long time? Did you think it couldn't happen at this time in your life? Or is this a financial windfall (someone else paying for some or all of the expenses of his travel? or yours?)

My perspective is that a lot of other "regulars" here - - there is so much to like about traveling in Europe, that this trip will be followed by many more to come. Indeed, to Italy alone, you will probably want to go back and back again.

If your husband's career has resulted in the opportunity to travel to Trieste, does this mean that he has developed some comfort level with getting around independently? Trieste is closer to Salzburg than it is to Rome (and Pompeii is two-plus hours even further away). For my tastes, Alpine culture is a better "fit" for the christmas season, but that it is a very personal judgment. Obviously, Christmas is very important in all the Christian world (and specifically, the Catholic world, including the Holy See - - the Vatican - - but also places like Assisi and other "major" religious sites in Italy).

Because Venice is so close, you will almost surely want to allow 3 days/2 nights there. And there are other terrific places in northeastern Italy - - Verona, and a lot of little towns in the Dolomites - - not to mention how close you will be to Slovenia.

You need to go on a crash course, reading, reading and reading. Especially if you have the time and opportunity in your life to return to Europe again (and again and again), I urge the principle of "move around less, see more of where you already are".

I assume that your husband's air travel plans are already set - - knowing those might influence any further advice. Tell us more about that - - and about you and him - and you will get plenty of good suggestions here.

Indeed, you might want to re-post your request with as much specific info in the title once you have done 48 hrs of further reading - - for example: "Want advice on where to stay in the dolomites", or "how to get from point x to point y to point z", etc.

Best wishes,


Dec 2nd, 2000, 10:54 AM
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Most importantly, IMHO, you shouldn't try to rush around too much, so I wouldn't even think about going so far as Pompeii. (Not to mention the fact that I was mildly disappointed with Pompeii.) Enjoy what the area around Trieste has to offer and save the rest for another time.
Dec 2nd, 2000, 02:59 PM
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We went to Aquileia, the site of several 4th century basilicas with beautiful floor mosaics, not far from Trieste. Also, Asolo and Maser are charming small towns in the foothills of the Dolomites.I would certainly spend some time in Venice. It won't be crowded then!

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