Help needed quick!!!

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Help needed quick!!!

Leaving for Europe on Saterday. Since I'm from the south and have never ventured north for the winter I'm a little worried about what to pack for a trip to London and Paris. I'll be gone approx. 3 weeks and want to travel as light as possible. How cold should I expect it to be? I've spent time in Paris in October but I have a feeling this will be much different.
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It's going to be cold, so make sure and pack some silk underwear - it will be a lightweight layer, but add lots of warmth.
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We're having our "warmest for this time of year since records began" 12-15 degrees celsius during the day.

But will it last 3 weeks? And what's it like at nights?

Answer- layer, layer and layer again
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A scarf is a good idea - flexible, has no substitute on a cold day.Make sure its pure wool or silk.
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Hi Mia:
I wear lightweight turtlenecks shirts under my sweaters, button down shirts or blazers. Good layering piece. Wear mix and match, stuff that can be worn 2-3 times with other items. Don't forget hat, gloves, scarf or shawl. Have a great trip!
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I'm leaving for Paris tonight and have not been there before in December.
As already suggested I am packing some very light-weight silk ski underwear to help the layering process, and of course
I'm taking an umbrella and also waterproof shoes.
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Hi Mia,
I am also leaving for London on Saturday. My husband has just returned and says it is much warmer than usual, as someone else mentioned, but I do think it is going to get a lot colder before we return home. I have been to Europe before in the winter and I think the best advice is as already mentioned, LAYER! I have found in the past that even if the weather is freezing outside, it is always over heated in the shops and museums, and there is nothing worse than not being able to strip down to a comfortable level.
Second best tip I can vouch for is PACK LIGHT! I always find that I can get by with very few basic items that can be mixed and matched. That way it also leaves you lots of room for shopping ;-)
My husband came home with a new wardrobe of clothes, well almost!
Hope you have a great trip. If you bump into someone with a South African accent drooling over the needlepoint in Libertys, that'll be me! hehe!
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I go to europe every winter. I am also from the south (N.O., LA). I bring thermals, turtlenecks, wool sweaters, silk jacket and a lined wind suit. This ensamble is one outfit and it keeps me warm. I didn't find the silk thermal underwear as warm as the traditional stuff. Also, the windsuit is the greatest for keeping out the cold wind.

Get some disponsable rain jackets. They sell them at Wal-mart for 88 cents. You can keep one in your purse for emergencies then through it away.

The weather in Europe in winter is colder than it ever gets in N.O. But these layers work great. Also, don't forget to layer your bottoms.
P.S. I haven't managed to keep my feet warm enough, even with hiking boots and thick socks.

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