Health Requirements

Old Aug 2nd, 1999, 12:52 PM
Gayle Potter
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Health Requirements

We have our passports and airline tickets (thanks to responses as to "which airport", now we are wondering if we need to update shots, etc. for England. Thanks
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You obviously don't need anything to get in. But I'd be amused to know what it is you think you might catch?
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About the only thing you can catch is the travel bug (symptoms include incredible desire to get on any vehicle and go bye-bye, taste for foreign foods, urge to show photographs to everyone, and a weird mental condition whereby you start planning your NEXT trip before you get home from your current trip). No known vaccination is currently available.
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The basic answer is no, but the true pedant's answer is :

if you're planning any outdoor activities, your tetantus should be up-to-date

if you're elderly or in poor health and visiting in winter, then a flu jab is recommended.
Old Aug 7th, 1999, 06:37 PM
Bob Brown
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My nurse practitioner wife says that getting a hepatitus series is prudent for all of us; not just those of us going abroad. Also flu shots, in season, and updated tetanus boosters are good ideas even if you stay in your own yard. Immunizations for diseases like typhoid, yellow fever and cholera are only for folks going to places with health standards lower than those in western Europe, Canada, New Zealand/Australia, and the US of A.
Hopefully there is a travel clinic run by the public health authorities in your area that can give detailed guidance based on your destination in the future, just in case you join us travel-aholics. When I last went to England, about all I had was my normal flu shot.

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