Hat in Paris

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Hat in Paris

We are going be in Paris in the end of May. I realize this is not a season to wear a hat but my husand's melanoma cancer forces him to take any possible protection. All of you who traveled to Paris please advise us what type of a hat would be OK for this time of the year. It would be probably easier to stay home but we love to travel and want to do it as much as possible before is too late. Anyway this forum has been a great help in planning our trip not only to Paris but also to Costa Rica and Belize. Too bad that Africa forum is not as active as European. Could use any help with our upcoming trip to Kenya. Meanwhile what to wear in Paris?
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Wear whatever you are comfortable with!
I just returned and although I did avoid
baseball caps, sneakers, etc I saw a lot
of everything. On a real rainy day I
wore my old Greek fisherman's hat and it
seemed to fit in. I really wouldn't worry about it. Paris is a big city and
you see all kinds of outfits....
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I'd suggest a cap--the ones that have a small peak and that used to have a belt in the back. I think the kids wear ones made by Kangol. They come in all fabrics from wool to chino cloth and look kinda snappy, IMO.
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martha python
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I'm one of those people who thinks it *does* matter what you wear, but in this case pragmatism has to trump every other consideration. Your husband should wear whatever hat will give him the best protection, and the heck with appearances. Medical needs first, sartorial/cultural aesthetics second.
Have a great trip, and good for you for doing this.
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Bob Brown
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I say wear what you need to wear.
This is not a clothing - fashion issue anyhow. It is a medical issue.

I personally will tell folks who insist on the "proper attire" to mind their own business. Given the medical gravity of the case, why would you give a rip what other people thought anyhow? You are going to give credence to remarks that would lead to actions that might harm your husband's health??

It does not involve illegal behavior.
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How about a straw fedora? There are dark straw hats with sharply-creased crowns and snap-down brims - think Bogart in the airport scene at the end of Casablanca - or Leon Redbone. With a brim all the way around, really good protection from the sun, the straw is cool. He'll make such a fashion statement that French men will start wearing them...and he will, of course, get no credit for it.
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I am currently going through the same phase. I have my first benign tumor removed next week. I am having a hell of a time getting used to putting my hat on before leaving the house. Besides I feel stupid wearing a hat at 42. In my mind hats are for old men and I am not old yet(as I said, in my mind). I imagine then that your husband will feel self consious and that everybody is staring, but we just have to get used to it. I am wearing a waterproof cloth hat with a 2 inch brim looking like I just put down my fishing rod. Yes it looks silly, but a straw fedora in Victoria would look sillier. I could wear a cowboy hat and start walking bowlegged like I just rode in from Calgary, but that is not me. He has to find something comfortable that he feels like wearing and just get used to it like I am. So if next year you see a guy wearing a goofy fishing hat carrying a map and arguing politics with Parisians, say hi.
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We have been several times - my husbands often wears golf caps (that's his official souvenir as we travel) and we haven't caught any grief, always been treated fine. At night, he doesn't wear it...

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