Greek Islands

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Greek Islands

My husband and I went to Santorini and Mykonos for our honeymoon a few years ago, now we want to go back but this time we don't know which islands to go to! Any suggestions?
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HI,<BR><BR>There are so many islands in Greece. I think where ever you go you will have a great itme. The islands on the western side of Greece appear to be very interesting. Corfu has a lot of tourist, but the others appear to have less traffic. The islands off the coast on the eastern side of Greece (near Volos) are very green and I have read that the Greeks prefere these islands because of the green. Then you have Lebos, Samos, Rhodes, Symi, Naxos, Poros and Paros etc. I have only been to Greece a few times and I keep going to a differnt place and they are all wonderful. I wish I could be more specific, maybe someone else can be of more help.
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Crete is a wonderful island, especially to the west of Heraklion, which is more &quot;pure Crete&quot; than the eastern part of the island. Crete is very different from the Cyclades with their whitewashed houses; in fact, Chania has a strong Venetian influence. There are lovely beaches, the 11 mi. Samarian Gorge to walk, remains of the Minoan culture at Knossos, and much more. You could easily spend a week or more on Crete.
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How long can you go for?<BR>There are so many islands with so much to offer.<BR>I agree that Crete is a great destination. It has everything: beautiful beaches and scenery, historical sites, great tavernas etc.<BR>Chania in the west is a particularly nice town with superb, unspoilt beaches nearby. The east is busier but still nice in its own way.<BR>Rhodes is another of my favourites. I spent one week in Lindos on the south of the island and one near Rhodes Town. Lindos was lovely but very, very hot (which is why we moved to Rhodes Town). This bring my to the question of what time of year do you intend to travel? <BR>I also love the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece. These are very green with beautiful scenery but little in the way of archaeological sites.<BR>E mail me if you want any further advice.<BR> <BR>
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I would suggest you venture outside of the cyclades for a different &quot;look&quot; and experience. We absolutely loved Lesvos (Mytilini). It was uncrowded (in June, even) and was lush green in many areas. Great beaches (Eressos) and a fantastic town called Molivos. Check out<BR><BR>Highly recommended!
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I am planning my daughter's honeymoon and she want to spend time on the beach. She will be married in Ravello, travel to Taormina and then to Greece. If she can only visit 2 islands, which should they be? Santorini and Mykonos? I have been to Rhodes, Crete, and Mykonos, but didn't make it to Santorini. Are beaches in Santorini easily accessible? I loved Rhodes and Crete and didn't spend enough time on Mykonos to really know. What about Sardinia? Thanks. Kay
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Have been to both Santorini and Mykonos. I prefered Santorini. The beach at Santorini is a little way out of the town, or you can stay at a hotel at the beach (I think that there are at least 2). The sand is beautiful-black volcanic. Like the other poster, I HIGHLY also recommend western Crete. There are some very isolated villages there.
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When I think of the Greek islands, I picture whitewashed houses, little domed churches, chubby windmills, and blue-green water. Do you have a favorite of this description other than the heavily visited Mykonos and Santorini? Looking for a quiet alternative to live up to the fantasy.
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Andie - Consider Kos. I went there as a young medical student not knowing much about it other than its being the home of Hippocrates and the site of the Aesculapium - worth a pilgrimage! Turned out to become my favorite Greek Island. Not as spectacular as the caldera at Santorini, but typically Greek with much better beaches than either Santorini or Mykonos. It is also easily reached by ferry from Rhodes. The combo would make an ideal vacation.
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A good option is Samos with its green mountains,waterfalls and splendid beaches and of course its history (Pythagoras,...etc...) and one of of the best sweet wines one can taste in europe.<BR><BR>From Samos you can visit , on a day trip the very exclusive island of Patmos (St Johns apocalypse cave) .<BR><BR>My favourite place to stay in Samos is the picturesque Kokkari village (yes,...if you are from SFO,Ca you have probably heard about the Kokkari restaurant)<BR><BR>in Kokkari i suggest you stay at the Arion hotel , ,my favourite resort overlooking 3 beaches and the village,excellent personal service and food.
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Another fan of the Greek islands speaking (I've been to over 20 in the last 15 years)!<BR><BR>Novice - try the northern Cyclades: Tinos (for white-washed villages and beaches, esp in the north) and neighbouring Syros (for elegant towns, churches, also beaches). Or Naxos if you want to hang out with a younger crowd. Or south Andros (Korthi) for a less touristy feel.<BR><BR>A good site is <BR> (click on Cyclades). Or e-mail me if you want.<BR><BR>Andie: another vote for western Crete, esp if you can avoid high summer (July- Aug) when it gets busy and hot. Start with a few nights in Chania, then a couple in the amazing mountain hamlet of Milia, and the rest on the south coast e.g. Anidri near Paleochora (30mins walk from a superb sandy beach). You can also drive to Elafonisi beach in the SW corner but this gets crowded with day trippers from 12-5pm.<BR><BR>Again there is good background info on (click on Crete).<BR><BR>Another personal favourite is Kardamyli in the Peloponnese - not actually an island but a coastal area much richer in culture and scenically more breathtaking than most of the islands.
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