Greek Island Hopping in May 2014

Sep 17th, 2013, 03:04 PM
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Greek Island Hopping in May 2014


Me & the fiance are trying to plan our Honeymoon. We would like to leave for the honeymoon on May 11th and spend around 7 nights on the trip (including travel). Our main concern is weather. We were in Italy (Venice-Florence-Rome-Sorrento) this last May and LOVED LOVED LOVED it, but the weather was a bit colder and rainier than we had planned, which makes me nervous about Greece in mid May.

We definitely want our honeymoon to be a little more relaxed than Italy, we did the 4 cities with excursions in 10 days. Such a whirlwind but SOO worth it.. We both want to relax on a beach, but not the type to just lay there all day. We love food, WINE, and experiencing the culture of new places, which is the main reason we are leery of all inclusive Caribbean resorts. Would you think mid May could be too cold to lay out by the pool/beach? I'm nervous that I WANT to go to Greece so bad I'm almost forcing it for our honeymoon, but we live in Texas and won't always have the excuse or opportunity to go. Any other suggestions on places to go that time of year?

If we choose Greece I'm thinking only 2 Islands given the amount of time. Suggestions on which ones based on information I've given?

I turned to this forum planning our Italy vacation and found it so helpful. It opens your mind to things you would never have thought of. I truly appreciate all responses!
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Sep 17th, 2013, 11:25 PM
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Congratulations! If you want to go to Greece that badly, then by all means go! Anywhere else will be a letdown.

Mid-May is a transition period, and you are somewhat at the mercy of the gods regarding the weather. That said, the islands in the Aegean (Cyclades & Dodecanese) are much further south than Venice, so likely to be warmer.

Having both lived in Texas and travelled to the Greek Islands in May, I can understand your concern. Wherever you go in Europe is likely to be cooler than Texas. You will need a jacket when you go out in the evenings, but it should be warm enough for sunbathing at the beach or pool. If it is windy you will want to find a sheltered beach, or stay around the hotel pool. Water temperatures in Greece are never as high as on the Texas Gulf Coast, and in fact will be quite chilly in May. Pools in Greece are generally not heated.

Now for the practicalities: If you have only 7 days including travel there is time for only one island, and you will want to be back in Athens at least a day before your flight home. If you can add even a couple of days to your trip (two weekends sandwiching the week in-between) that will help. Fly directly to the island, e.g. Santorini, upon arrival in Athens, and fly back to Athens instead of using a ferry. If you can delay your honeymoon by a couple of weeks (end of May) it will make a difference in both weather and the number of shops, restaurants, etc that will be open.
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Sep 18th, 2013, 06:51 AM
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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We too were in Sorrento and Rome in early May this year then went to Greece in late May. The weather was somewhat unsettled until June but not too rainy, for the most part sunny and warm but it was windy.
Here is an image of the wind on Milos.
On a day like this you need to search for a sheltered beach or simply rent a car and explore.

Our experience over 11 trips to Greece is the weather in May is generally warm and sunny and anytime after the 15th is a great time to go. Hopefully last year was an exception. I have been to Texas in May and based on that experience I suspect you will find Greece pleasantly temperate.
If you really only have 7 days including travel that means you realistically only have 4 perhaps 5 days for an island and that last night back in Athens for your flight home.
I would second Heimdalls subtle suggestion that you concentrate on Santorini. It is totally different from Italy with Stunning views and is a destination for honeymooners. The beaches are gritty pumice pebbles so are not the main attraction. This is the place to spend extra euros for a hotel with a caldera view.
Whatever you choose have a great time.
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Sep 18th, 2013, 07:27 AM
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Haha, stanbr! No one has ever described me as subtle before. ;-)

Yes, I did use the example of Santorini on purpose. It is the classic honeymooner's island, and has several daily flights from Athens. If you arrive at Athens from the US in the morning or early afternoon, you can usually find a connecting flight to Santorini with no more than a few hour's layover, and be enjoying the Santorini sunset that evening. Find a hotel on the caldera rim, hopefully one with a pool. Don't worry too much about the beaches, but it might be fun to spend one day on the black "sand".
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Sep 19th, 2013, 08:35 AM
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I have sailed in May and wanted to go nude it was so hot.

I have also experienced 10oc (Ionian), storm force gales and sea states like a trans Atlantic crossing.

The Med high pressure will be forming in May, mid June is into the safe zone.

I was also in Rome last May and agree the weather wasn't good.

Consider Sicily if the weather is important.
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Sep 19th, 2013, 09:01 AM
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What about Crete? More south so maybe warmer, and you could certainly fill the whole week there.
I always ask if people can delay the honeymoon a bit after the wedding--there is no reason it has to be immediately after the wedding. If you can swing it, then take your trip in late May when the chances for warm weather are better.
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