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we have never travelled to Europe-and need help with our mid august honeymoon. Planning on 10 days either greece or spain (madrid/costa del sol) looking for some history and some beach resort--but afraid of the summer climate.
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Spain is absolutely magnificent......HOWEVER...the place is empty in August, as this is when most Spaniards take they're own vacations. Look on and find the FODOR'S packet which will give you ideas about climate, etc. My fiance and I went last year--it's where he proposed, but we went in June. In August, our friends came here. Not to say that there is noone, but I would double check as there is probably a lot of sights closed. My favorites: Madrid(A clean NY); Segovia-Alcazar Castle(I love Cinderella-and this looks like the castle); Toledo..quaint, cute, beautiful cathedrals and BARCELONA!!!!If you want Beach...I will get the name from my fiance of the beach near Barcelona which is wonderful-night life, etc.
As for Greece, I've never gone, want to go. Have been told by many that it is absolutely beautiful, romantic(Santorini) and FUN!...Check the books as well-it will give you climate info.

Congrats and good luck.....(my honeymoon is around the corner-April-Paris)
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Carmen is right when it comes to Madrid being deserted in August. many businesses close too, but overall it's a nice change to the hustle and bustle of the city. The heat can be quite intense, but dry, which makes it much more bearable (and it will get you in a mood to take a lazy siesta in the middle of the day, when the heat is at its peak). Costa del Sol is a non-stop party, really, but be forewarned that the area will be very crowded. You'll definitely run into great beaches and night-spots that are open all night. Bring your dancing shoes and your beer goggles (or, should I say, your Sangria goggles?). Don't bother bringing a bikini top, most women go without.
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I went to Greece last year in June for my honeymoon and absolutely loved it. Its beautiful, romantic, fun - everything you'd want. We went to the islands of Hydra, Mykonos, and Santorini - all I'd highly recommend. I have heard though that August is the last time you want to by in the Greek islands. It gets hot and very, very crowded. Unlike Spain, everyone comes to the islands in August. I've heard it can be miserable unless you you are trying to go to the some of the out of way islands. -- Melanie
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I've been to both Greece and Spain but not in August which could make a difference. My personal choice would be Greece, an all-time favorite holiday spot. In Spain, I would opt for Barcelona and nearby Costa Brava over Madrid and Costa del Sol.
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Are you hearts set on the beach? The beaches on the fabulous Greek islands are mosly overrated. Better in California and Florida. However, if you love history, you couldn't do better than a tour of the Peloponnese in Greece. They have beaches there, too--but not the rowdy night life of Santorini or Mykonos. For real romance, I'd recommend either Nauplia--convenient to historic sites like Agamemmnon's Mycane; or book a room in a five-hundred-year-old castle in Monemvassia. As a alternative to Peloponnese, consider Crete--beach resorts, Minoan ruins, spectacular scenery and friendly folks.

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