Greece, Turkey or Australia?

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Greece, Turkey or Australia?

We have accumulated enough frequent flier miles and are trying to decide where to go next April: Australia, Greece, or Turkey? We haven't been to any of those three countries. Has anyone out there been to at least two of those destinations? If so, can you give some input? Thanks so much.
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Dear Annie,
We have been to Turkey many times and it was really fantastic and stunning.If you are interested in archeology,history and culture,you have really one choice.Definitely Turkey.It is also cheaper than the others.In summer Aegean and Mediterranean are perfect in Turkey.We had the service(hotel reservation,tours and transfers) through internet
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Yes, "if you are interested in archeology, history and culture, you have really one choicequot; GREECE!
I've been to both, and would definitely choose Greece over Turkey.
Are you travelling from east or west coast? If I had enough FF miles to travel from the East Coast all the way to Australia, I think I'd go for that! Well, as long as I had enough time to stay awhile once I got there. And I'd feel the same if I lived west coast about going to Europe.
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Hi Annie,

Have been to all three countries. Each offer different experiences. The choice really depends upon your interests; and perhaps time of year Spring (Greece/Turkey) vs Autumn Australia.

I am a poor choice for recommending one over the other as my opinion is clearly Australia biased over any other country in this grand world of ours.

Given that bias. If I were going to Australia in April I would chose Melbourne as my base. Since Australia is roughly the size of the U.S. I would limit my wanderings to the East Coast.

Syndey is a short hop or better part of the day to the north. Brisbane is a bit farther afield. If you think of the East Coast as San Diego/San Francisco/Seattle that is a rough comparison.

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Thanks to all who replied. OK, I've got one vote for Greece, one for Turkey and one for Australia! I'm sure they're all great destinations. FYI, we are flying from the West Coast so it's practically an equal distance from here to Australia or Greece/Turkey. The only difference is it takes fewer frequent flier miles to go to Europe than it does Australia. And I imagine the weather is warmer in Greece or Turkey in April, right?
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You could combine a trip to Greece and Turkey very easily, assuming you have enough time. I prefer Greece but Turkey also has a lot to offer.
You could have a couple of days in Athens, fly to a Greek island near Turkey for a few days and take a ferry from there to Turkey. There are lots of possibilities depending on how much time you have.
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The weather in greece and turkey in april is NOT warmer than the east coast of australia.
Check out the latitudes and the climate stats.
If you want ancient relics and places whose best days are in the past go to the med.If you want to see a beautiful,world class, new world city go to Sydney.
Give me an island in the whitsundays and a trip to the GBR versus an overated,overpriced greek island any day of the week.
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Have been to all three within the last 18 months. Although we are dedicated European travelers, and went to Australia primarily to maximize the value of our "fly anywhere" tickets, we really enjoyed Australia, and on a subsequent trip, New Zealand. There's so much to see in Australia. We went to Melbourne, Uluru, Daintree, Great Barrier Reef and Sydney. We liked Australia so much we then planned a trip to New Zealand, which we liked as much as Australia, maybe even more. Count my vote for Australia.
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Hi Annie:

From your three, I've only been to Australia. But I could wholeheartedly recommend it.

I respectfully disagree with John's recommendation to use Melbourne as a base. It's a nice city in its own right, but from a tourist's point of view, Sydney has more international appeal. I also found it easier to get around many of the main tourist sites because the ferry system is so easy to use.

I would of course also visit the Great Barrier reef! The Whitsunday Islands is one idea, or maybe Port Douglas? I enjoyed P.D. immensely, and when I went Nov 2001, the US dollar went quite far.

April should be a good month on the reef...hopefully rainy season will be winding down, although you may want to double check the weather stats. Australia is an interesting much of what I saw was modern (like California where I live)and familiar, but you got the distinct feeling you were far, far away.

One more thing, if you have enough miles to go to Oz, you may want go because it's free. Tickets, even from the west coast, are often very expensive (although I have no idea what the usual fare to Turkey or Greece is).

Sounds like a fun decision!
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