Golfing at St.Andrews

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Golfing at St.Andrews

Going to St. Andrews in mid-October playing golf and staying @ The Old Course Hotel.Do we want to take our clubs or rent ?? Settle the controversy.Also anyone been to Glen Eagles ?? Other must see ??
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Are you playing the Old Course, then? Did you apply the two years in advance that they recommend on the website, or did you do it more recently? If you're playing one of the other two St. Andrews courses, was it easy enough to get a tee time a month in advance?

BTW, it's Gleneagles.

I always bring my own clubs when I golf overseas. A few courses simply don't rent them, and many courses only rent men's clubs.

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You will easily hire clubs in St Andrews. If you need a lady's set check first but I really don't think you'll find it a problem.

Which course are you playing/

I have played the King's at Gleneagles and, I have to say, loved it.

Do you mean other "must see" golf courses?

Today, I got invited to Muirfield on Sunday Am I pleased or what???
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How long is your trip, where else are you going, how many rounds are you playing, and what is your handicap?

The answers to these questions will answer your question. If you are only playing one or two rounds and are a mid to high handicapper - then save the hassle and rent. Different clubs won't make a huge difference to a "duffer". But if you are a scratch or have very low handicap and are playing several rounds - then take the clubs.

Taking clubs can be a hassle because UK rental cars are small and have small boots (trunks) so you would have to rent an estate (station wagon) which is more expensive.

Gleneagles is one of the finest resorts in the world - and VERY expensive. But the courses are great.

As for "Must Sees" - you will be in Scotland, man! The whole country is a must see. A few musts relatively near St Andrews: Edinburgh (at least 2 days), Glamis Castle, Stirling, Dunnottar, Falkland Palace, Castle Campbell, Crail, Anstruther, Pittenweem, Carnoustie (which is MUCH harder thean the Old Course), and a hundred other places.

Besides St Andrews, where else are you staying?
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All connections with golf etc were handled over a year ago as this is a company award trip Yeah !!Thank you all for your input on the clubs.I would rather take mine and just blame my play on myself instead of the clubs thta i rent.Besides my clubs may want to see golf's birthplace also.Gleneagle website is unreal.Planning to have lunch or a drink there.Probably not golf..Has anyone fly-fished there?? That is another activity that is offered..
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I was brought up near Gleneagles- indeed my cousin still farms over the fence from the King's Course. The ambience is wonderful.

I hope you enjoy your trip. Do come back I you want to know more. Will you be in St Andrews for the Dunhill?

And are you playing the Old Course?
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Inform me on the Dunhill..We will be @ St. Andrews from the 8th of October to the 14th.We go to Edinburgh for one day Fly-fishing another day 2 days of golf Stirling Casle for a dinner..Can not wait to see it all!!! and my family said to get a taste for Scotch before we leave..
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Sheila, to reply further,Yes we are playing the Old Course and I have mentally prepared myself for it.. (I am hopeing) I have spoken with a few people and they have given me some advice..Keep it moving..and Keep smileing !I am looking for any other advice anyone has.!Really looking forward to staying in that hotel the website is also fantastic
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The Dunhill is at Carnoustie this year (Odd- I thought it was always at St Andrews) and I fear you miss it by 2 days.

On the other hand it means that St Andrews may have heaps of famous people lurking around in preparation.

Lesson Number 1. Don't call it "Scotch"-its name is whisky. And if it's a malt take either nothing or just a little water in it.

I've never played St Andrews, but if I did, unless it was a flat calm day, no club with any loft would make it out of my bag. Also, the rough is very unforgiving. Short and straight is better than long and off line- just ask Seve

Lesson Number 2- Watch Chariots of Fire before you leave home.

lesson number 3- have a great time.
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Sorry, I was talking nonsense. the Dunhill is at St Andrews. But it still finishes on the 6th
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