Going to Paris for the third time

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Going to Paris for the third time

Just had to say how much I enjoy going to Paris. I love to walk down to the Eiffel Tower right before dark and wonder around taking in all the sights and people.

I'm also a Monet fan and enjoy going to the Orsay to see his paintings over and over again.

I would like to hear about your favorite passtime in Paris????????
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we are going to paris for the second time in july. i never wanted to go anyplace again, but can't wait to get to paris. where did you stay?
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When my husband I went, for the first and only time (so far), we enjoyed the search for the perfect crepe. Our findings concludes to a little stand by the Notre-Dame. We also walked alot to offset the calories. At the time we were also remodeling our home so we enjoyed shopping the department stores and boutiques for things for our home as opposed to t-shirts and little Eiffels tower key-chains. Bon-Appetit magazine had just came out with the best of Paris. So, in our travels, we did enjoy la maison du chocolate and Pauls! Great tarlets.
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We are going back to Paris May 15 for seven days and have always stayed at the Hotel La Motte Picquet, within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

I'm a big coffee drinker and enjoy a good Cafe au lait and a un croissant in the morning, at night we find a cafe for a un verre de rouge, I'm just learning a few French words so I'm just having fun writing them.

See ya later
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Visiting places that aren't on the tourist radar:
Cemeteries like Bercy or St Vincent
"American" sites, like where Hemingway lived
Parks like Georges Brassens and Bois de Vincennes
Artists' workshops and galleries NOT in the 6eme
Neighborhood churches, like St Ambroise, with an old and rich history
Buildings by famous architects like Mallet-Stevens and le Corbusier
Neighborhood flea markets, and I don't mean Vanves or St Ouen

The Eiffel Tower is not what evokes Paris for me - it is Notre Dame. I've seen it hundreds of times in passing, been inside it dozens of times, and, yet, I am always thunderstruck by her extraordinary beauty. In any light, from any angle, at any time of day, at any time of the year; to me it is the most beautiful building in the world.
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Hey Elvira

I have to agree that Notre Dame is a wonderful place, I feel at peace with the world sitting inside. I'm just a small town guy from Oklahoma in a high stress job and going to Paris has a calming effect on me for some reason.
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I'm going to Paris in October. It will be my second trip and I can't wait to go. The first time I did all the "to do" things. Eiffel Tower, Bateau Mouche, museums, St. Chapelle, Notre Dame, etc. This time I will do more of the off the beaten path things.

I've been back 6 months and still miss it so much.
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Elvira, you mention Bois de Vincennes. It's been on my to do list for my last several trips and i'ts still there. Must do next time. How close is the chateau to the metro stop? I can't seem to locate the footprint of a chateau on the maps I've checked. See the zoo and other things, but not the chateau. Isn't it in the park? Is Vincennes more managable than Bois de Boulogne which is also on my to do list?
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Eric, if you are a Monet fan, I woould assume you have been to the Musee Marmottan.
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jo ann
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This past trip (summer, 2001) was my 5th, and still finding new things to add to my old favorites! As others have said, I am so drawn to Notre Dame - the sense of age and history just brings me peace (and the fact that the same blind fellow begs at the door as you leave - just as he did in 1983! how much money do we figure he has salted away??) I also "adore" the cafe in the morning with the delightful warm milk, croissants like I can never find over here, walking along the Seine, and finding the perfect small restaurant in the evenings.

My greatest "new" spot this past trip I attribute to this forum: we went to the Picasso Museum, and were delighted! Why this isn't on more "must do" lists I don't understand. I had no idea of the breadth of his art - it's as if he woke up each morning of his life, and decided what medium to follow that day! I highly recommend this spot!

I also return each trip to Ste Chappelle, but (again - thanks to the forum) this time knew to seek out an evening concert, and enjoyed that greatly.

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Julie, the chateau is right smack behind the metro stop. I went there in December and we had the entire place to ourselves. A huge change from Versailles!
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Julie, take the #1 metro to Chateau Vincennes stop. I like Bois de Vincennes better than the Bois de Boulogne: smaller; interesting flower gardens; miniature golf; a chateau
Here's a great site
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Thanks Grasshopper and Elvira. Now I know I absolutely, positive must do the Bois de Vincennes next time. I'll also not worry if I keep on not getting to the Bois de Boulogne. Such a relief, all that guilt.
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Each time we go to Paris, we try to branch out a little more. The first year, we only saw what was in the central area, and we were only there for 4 days. The second year, we went to Giverny and Versailles, and last year, we went to Chartres, the Père Lachaise Cemetery and to Lapin Agile in Montmartre. We also explored the 16th arrondissement and the rue Mouffetard, but we didn't get very far on the rue Mouffetard. This year, we want to go further and see the Arene de Lutece. Jardin du Plantes, Montparnasse, and Parc Monceau. My mom used to say -- but she's learned not to -- "Paris again? Don't you get tired of seeing the same place over and over again?" We do walk around the 6th arrondissement, visiting the same places again and again... it's like going home. We never tire of it.

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Went to Paris for the 4th time in my life last weekend. Since I was the unofficial leader for a group, went to most of the same places. Still, for the first time -

- Went up Eiffel Tower
- Went out to the Trianons and Queen's Hamlet in Versailles
- Walked around Marais
- Found an artists' market on Boulevard Edgar Quinet near Montparnasse on Sunday. There are over 120 local artists there selling their own work, including paintings, small sculptures, photos, etc...

Not a bad trip.
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The Museum of Deportation is behind Notre Dame down a flight of stairs in a tiny park. It only takes a half hour to go through it, but it is a stark reminder of the past.

If you haven't visited Place des Vosges, it is worth a detour. You can visit the Victor Hugo Museum while you're there. Again, it's small and you can go through it in an hour or less. There are excellent restaurants in the area.

It you want to go farther out, the Museum of Music is out at Park Villette on the northeast side of town (Porte de Pantin Metro). You get a laser activated ear set and as you walk to each exhibit, it tells you what it is and many play music. There is a nice little cafe near the entrance. The park is interesting and the Science and Industry Museum is on the other side with the Geode . . . a huge round theater. There is a film festival in the summer at Parc de Villette.
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