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I am planning to travel to London on my own sometime in February or March. Has anyone made their reservations online with go-today.com? Am I better off booking my airline reservations and hotel reservations separately?
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My boyfriend and I booked our upcoming New Years trip to Paris thru go-today. Although we haven't been yet I will say that the service we got from them while booking was EXCELLENT! We had a challenging itinary and they handled everything wonderfully. If my flight and hotel work out as well I will book many more trips thru them! fantastic prices!!
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Hi Laura
I think it will be cheaper to book airfare and hotel separately at that time of year when you're on your own. When I went to London (from NYC)last December and compared prices I found it less expensive as I would have had a big single supplement with a package.
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Laura: Booked a open jaw with American to London out of Paris in Jan. for 402.10 per person but American has flights to London for 352.00. All out of Chicago. I figure including the Eurostair at 139.00 per and hotels for 6 nights in Paris at 420.00 and 6 nights in London 600.00 I am saving a few bucks and having the fun planning the trip. Try it on your own.
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Laura, I've used go-today.com twice, both times to France, and have been very satisfied with the service. However, the only down side is that you don't know what your flights will be until AFTER you book the trip, and there is a $50 cancellation fee. The first time we had a change of planes and a three-hour layover in Pittsburgh - surprise! (from La Guardia in NYC - the WORST airport IMHO), flying US Air to CDG. The second time we flew Iceland air out of JFK to CDG, stopping in Reykjavik where we had to clear customs into Europe. I don't know where you are originating, but I would think your trip to London, at least, would be less of an ordeal than to the continent.

But go-today is unbelievably affordable, and I have found them to be reliable, the hotel we booked was fine, the car they gave us on our second trip was a REALLY nice Citroen, and we didn't have any problems or mix ups with anything. They're advertising some terrific deals right now to Paris and London.

You can book your airline and hotel reservations separately, and I'm sure you will do well with prices right now. But for the convenience of air/hotel or air/car rental packages I don't think you will do better than what go-today.com is offering, provided you don't mind whatever air portion they give you. We didn't mind, we're both healthy, and figured air travel is lost time anyway, it just has to be tolerated as best as possible. If you have any specific needs or concerns on your air travel portion, you might want to book separately.

Good luck! Enjoy! If you have any specific questions I can email you directly.
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We've had the same good experiences as Ess with go-today.com.

A year ago we took their London week-long city break, and this year we spent 2 weeks on a Spain fly-drive. Everything was handled very well, and I don't think you can beat the price.

Returning from Spain we met some people who have used them twice, and they too had praise for the company.
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I used them last year and had plans to use them this year. They were WONDERFUL. There were problems with the hotel after we had booked, and they worked with us in person, over the phone, to make sure that we got what we wanted. Nothing but praise. They were offering just a little bit ago a $369 trip, 5 nights, 6 days, to Paris...can't beat that!!!
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I've never booked on gotoday, but I've checked out the site several times, hoping to find a bargain. I've never been able to do so.

The rates looked great, until the time came to actually complete the booking. There were additional fees to travel from my city (Washington, DC), travel on the weekend, to add 3 days of a rental car, and a couple of other fees that I really can't recall right now. It ended up being as expensive if not more expensive than doing it myself.

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