Getting to Pompeii from Rome

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Getting to Pompeii from Rome

Does the Eurorail go from Rome to Pompeii? Other modes of transportation? How long is the journey? Given we would want to spend approx. 4 hrs at Pompeii, can it done as a daytrip? Thanks in advance.
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Easy day trip. Not recommended for the shortness of time available, but quite doable.

Do a search of Fodors with >>Pompeii<< as the search argument. You'll come up with 50 threads. Several will discuss Pompeii as a day trip, and you'll find instructions in several for the details. Basically just a change of trains in Naples.
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Karen--- I planned a trip to Rome for months and had to canceled at the last minute. I am passing on to you my notes on how to take the train from Rome Termini to Pompeii. They are long instructions, so the following in two parts. I hope it helps.


"From Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale takes about 2 hours. Walk in the front doors of Termini, there are ~30 ticket windows, you'll probably want to take an ES (Eurostar) or an IC (Intercity) train. These trains are fast and non-stop and take ~1:45+hr. For a day trip, recommend to take Train ES 9403 from Roma Termini at 09:10am to Napoli Centrale arrives 11:05. Trains run every 2 hours or so. If there was no recent change, 1st class tickets should cost ITL62,500. There are also less frequent IC trains that take more or less the same time. Ticket price is ITL 48,500 + 5,800 reservation fee. Just in case you encounter a non-english speaking ticket person, write down the date of the trip (European style) day/month/yr, destination (Roma-Napoli), time (0910) & train #, 1st or 2nd class, non or smoking, and reservation for seat assignments (yes or no) a good thing to have in peak season or travel days. Visa card is a good idea for payment. To find your Bin # (track #) check the board and when leaving that day also check the TV monitors for destination/bin/time of your train on the _departure day_ it case of any changes. If you have a reservation in the middle/bottom of your ticket in will have Cl. 1 or 2 (1st/2nd class) on the train cars in will have a large 1 or 2 on the side. Next to the Cl. will be a drawing of a train car with a number, you will find your car # (Carrozza #) on the door and also inside over the entrance to the car and next to the train drawing will be your seat #. Also in the middle of the reservation will be the date, time, and train # (next to the train drawing). In case you consider the inter-city trains, tickets cost one-way to Naples: IC train is 48,500L(1st) & 29,400L(2nd) an optional "Seat Reservation" is 5,800L more. ES train with mandatory "Seat Reservation" is 62,500L(1st) & 39,500L(2nd).
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IMPORTANT: You need to SWITCH in Naples to the Circumvesuviana (CS) train which is a commuter train that runs from Naples to Sorrento, with stops at Herculaneum, Pompeii. All this is also signpost and is ~150m with 60 stairs-2 long flights & 2-3steps. In front of track 13 near the front doors is a wide staircase going down to the CS commuter train. At the bottom of the stairs bear left, you come upon a hallway with the CS ticket windows on the left (Metro ticket windows on the right). R/T ticket to Pompeii is 6200L. At the end of this short hall to the right is a wide hall (moving walkways) and the end of this hall are the CS turnstiles, on the wall in front of you 2 boards will post the next 2 arriving trains, you want the *Sorrento* train (don't worry if it's not listed yet). There are 4 tracks, you'll want Bin 3. Half-way down the platform is another Departure Board and it will list that train's destination & time. This train runs every half-hour. *This* train stops at Ercolano (Herculaneum) (18min) and Pompeii in ~35/40min and Sorrento in ~1hr. The stop you want is "Pompeii Scavi-Villa dei Misteri", you walk under the tracks (w.c) into the small station, outside the station turn right and walk 50m (I would buy water/snack or a guidebook if you need to along here) to the ticket windows 12,000L (w.c. and giftshop). There are "Licensed" guides (Gov't ID's worn I believe) outside the gate that charge ~$35/$40US hour per *tour* *not* per person, same price as for 1 person or for a small group. Strongly recommend them. They are WORTH the money. Side note: at the Pompeii (ruins) entrance's ticket *collecting* booth (not the ticket sales window) there is a "Luggage Storage" room on the right. After you enter the site you come across the Forum, look to the left at the far end, that is the Temple of Jupiter *behind* the temple is a building with a restaurant, snack bar, giftshop, and w.c. If you wish to visit the Villa dei Misteri in the NW corner of Pompeii, do so at the end of your visit (you *cannot* re-enter the site afterwards). You must exit here (restaurant & private w.c.-1000L) and walk back (600m) to the same CS station. If any questions, go to, use Roma & Napoli (Italian name) in the search field. There is also a *large* wooden board on the wall at the right side exit *between* the ticket windows and trains (Via G. Giolatti side) at Termini (Rome's train station) listing the train schedules. I would purchase the tickets before departure date. (BE SURE TO VALIDATE YOUR TICKETS, *before* you board the train on your departure day in *any* of the little yellow boxes at the head of the platforms).

If you want to avoid the hassle of buying your tickets at Rome's Termini (or any train station in Italy) for a small commission fee you can buy train tickets *with* seat reservations at Travel Agencies (agents speak English). With ~250 agencies in Rome that sell tickets they'll be easy to find. For there names/addresses go to homepage and click-on "Agencies" (example) click-on map area "Lazio", click-on map "Rome", click-on (word) "Roma". Also the American Express Office in Rome sells tickets. At the bottom of the "Spanish Steps" (looking *at* the Steps), turn right and walk 50M and the AmEx office is on the left. Also, when waiting to board a train that's leaving Naples (like to Rome) there is a waiting room (seats, quite, safe/secure) for ticketed passengers *only* in front of maybe track 18.
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Karen-- the above is a synopsis of many contributions posted throughtout the years by many posters, including Walter, Ed, Paulo, and others.
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we drove. We had driven into rome the prior day and kept the car in a garage overnight to use it for pompeii. The pro is flexibility, the con are driving in rome. you need a patient driver and a good navigator to get in and out of the city. We were near the Pantraon. It took about 45 min to leave rome and about 2 hrs of easy highway traffic to go to pompeii. if we were to do it all over again, we would not have stayed in rome that first night, we would have stayed nearer to naples/pompeii and would go to rome after the day in pompeii.

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