Getting to Chamonix from Paris

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Getting to Chamonix from Paris

How can I go to Chamonix from Paris. There are dayly rail or bus? Any idea of prices, schedules or trip duration? And by car? Better from Paris or Venice? Thanks evrybody!
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Bob Brown
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Getting from Paris to Chamonix is like the old joke the punch line of which is "I don't think you can get there from here!"
Well not quite that bad, but the schedule is not all that great.
If you go to Lyon first, you have a better schedule time wise, but with two changes. Otherwise, you pull an over nighter from Paris.

Leave Gare de Lyon at 10AM for Lyon
Leave Lyon at 12:04 for St. Gervais les
Bains et Le Fayet (Fayette maybe; was cut off on the scren.)
Leave St. Gervais about 15:40 and arrive at Chamonix at 17:00 Total time of 7 hours.
Had you considered checking the schedule for yourself at the SCNF web site?
You can, and that way you can see the alternatives.

I also looked at trying to get there from Geneva in Switzerland, but that route did not seem any better.
There is a good schedule from Paris to Geneva, but the connection to Chamonix takes a long time.

Perhaps someone who knows the route better than I do will add to this.
I have not actually done it myself.
But trying to figure it out was a minor challenge.
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Hi Fer!!!

I will be doing the same route a week from now,with a stop in Annecy in the Haute Savoie. There is a TGV,<<high speed train>>, between Paris and Annecy. From there you have to follow the route as mentioned in the previous posting.When are you going? I can answer your questions upon my return in the mid-January.

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I've driven the route. Once the Mont Blanc tunnel is still closed, the car trip from Paris would be somewhat shorter (5 1/2 hours against 6 hours). Should the tunnel open before you travel, the trip from Venice would be a shade shorter (5+ hours).

PS. The best train options from Venice would take a shade over 8 hours, with changes in Milano, Martigny and Le Chatelard, and with trains leaving Venice at 10am and 12pm.
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We took the TGV from Paris to Geneva, then rented a car. From there we made the drive to Chamonix in less than an hour. We didn't mind the drive was captivating watching the Alps get closer and closer.

Unless you are going to Chamonix to see someone, I recommend staying in Megeve (30 minutes from Chamonix) instead. It has fewer people and it's prettier.
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Bob Brown
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I kept poking around the various websites for trains schedules and finally tried the German site, which in my experience has been quite thorough.
Here is what it had to say for a daily schedule between Paris and Chamonix:

Paris Gare de Lyon to Annecy on TGV 925.
Leave 12:54; arrive 16:34.

Annecy to St. Gervais les Bains on train 5633
leave 16:59; arrive 18:24

St. Gervais les Bains to Chamonix on train 58941. (I wonder what kind of a contraption you will be riding.)

Leave 18:50; arrive 19:31.
This schedule could stand some verification of course. But it looks ok. I suggest you try it out on the SCNF site and see if you can duplicate it.

But you cannot get there from Paris you have to go some other place first.

St. Gervais
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Bob Brown
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My curiosity got the best of me.
The SNCF site agrees with the German site on times. The town is St. Gervais le Bains le Fayet.

In terms of the initial routing the selection presented by the German site was much superior to the French one.
So my nothing happened here to revise my opinion of the thoroughness of the German site.
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Bob Brown
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I will turn loose of this one with one final posting.
The Swiss site also duplicated the results of the German site. Same schedules between Paris and Chamonix - Mont Blanc appeared. So the Swiss SBB scheduler is equally as effective as the German site in many cases.

By the way, you are talking about going to Chamonix - Mont Blanc are you not??

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In fall 1999, we took a night train from Paris to Chamonix-Mt. Blanc, with one stop around 7:30 am to change trains at St. Gervais-le-Bains. The night train left from Gare de Lyon at around 11:30, and we had only four people in our couchette meant for six, so it was very comfortable. The service and cleanliness factors on this particular train were also terrific. And it was glorious to wake up an hour out of St. Gervais to get ready to change trains and see the mountains looming, having fallen asleep with the bustle of Gare de Lyon still in our ears.

Interesting...I just checked the Deutsche Bahn site and it looks like the schedule's a bit different now, perhaps for the winter months (we traveled in September). The one-stop train leaves from Paris Gare Austerlitz (rather than Gare Lyon) at 10:08 pm, arrives in St. Gervais at 6:45 am, departs for Chamonix at 7:02 and arrives 7:40.

The train from St. G to Chamonix, if it's still the same one we took, is a perfectly respectable one that does the "milk run" through the mountain villages to Chamonix. I really enjoyed the overnight trip and would recommend it to anyone.

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Having taken the TGV to Annecy, we drove to Chamonix. There's a nice little hotel at the base of the glacier, with a pleasant outdoor restaurant and a view that astounds. It's not quite in the village, which was quite congested, but right before it. We may have the name it in our photos, somewhere.
The lift to the Aguille De Midi is unforgettable!
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Thank you everybody for all those detailed explanations! Now that I know averything, I just have to choose between going by train or by car!

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I have'nt checked the details, but there cound be q
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I have'nt checked the details, but there could be a quicker way by train, certainly more scenic.
TGV from Paris to Lausanne, connection to Martigny, and connection direct to Chamonix.
Better trains, and better catering from Lausanne onwards, and really good scenery.
You could check this on the German website, by requesting the times for each leg seperately.
It is easier from Venice, as Paulo said. Train to Milan, then Martigny, then Chamonix. There could be a direct train from Venice to Martigny, or with a change at Sion.
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Tony has an interesting suggestion. We took the Martigny-Chamonix train in the other direction (Chamonix-Martigny) on our way out of Chamonix, and loved the views on our way into Switzerland. (From Martigny we connected to Geneva.)

I do have to say, though, that I didn't notice any difference in the quality of the trains or the catering on that leg or Martigny-Geneva vs. our night train from Paris. (Can't speak to Lausanne-Martigny since I've never taken that route.) All legs of these routes were clean, spacious, comfortable, and uncrowded in September.
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Iwant to to go from paris to annecy orfrom paris to chamonix and back by coach.I cannot find any coach company doing this journey.Any help.tks
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Oh, sticking this on a 12 year old thread!

No, there are very few long distance domestic buses in France. You should take the train from Paris to Chamonix.
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