getting to bellagio

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getting to bellagio

We are driving to Bellagio in June ---should we turn in the car in COmo or keep it? SHould we drive on the eastern shore to Bellagio from Como or take the western shore route and take the Ferry across--do we need reservations on the car ferry?/
How about restaurants?
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Mary, You have lots of questions. Your trip sounds wonderful. Take the west shore to just north of Tremezzo for the ferry---do not need res. The car question depends on what you are doing next.
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Bob (and mary):

As of last September, the ferry stop in Tremezzo is closed until further notice. Have to board at Menaggio. It might be closer to drive up on the eastern side but I have never done this. 35-45 minutes to Menaggio (depends on where you start counting) 5-15 minutes wait for the ferry, 4-8 minutes actual crossing.
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Mary: Take Bob the Navigator's advice. We drove to Bellagio on the east route going up there. The road is narrow and one lane in many areas. You meet many busses and trucks coming at you and tight turns. It is not a fun drive. You are whipped when you get to Bellagio.

When we departed Bellagio we took the ferry across and drove to airport by the western route. That was a much easier drive and we were all laughing at ourselves for not doing that on the way up as I had been advised to do. (I forgot to read the instructions on the day we needed them).

We only used the car one day while in Bellagio and that was to drive to Lugano. If you do not want to get out and explore, you really do not even need a car. Your choice on that one. Great area. Enjoy the trip!
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Thanks for all the advice--I think that we will take the car ferry across from the west side---and keep the car.

Unless, someone has an alternative to get to Malpensa from Cernabbio on our last night at the Villa d'este?

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Rex is right about the ferry no longer running to Tremezzo. However, when we were in the Lake Como area last October, we took the ferry between Bellagio and Cadenabbia, the town next to Tremezzo. The distant between the two towns is a very, very short distance. So, the lack of a ferry from Tremezzo should have no affect on your plans.
Once you're there, you can take the ferries to a lot of the sites, so a car isn't necessary. However, it will be the easiest to get to the airport when you leave.
I'll agree about the drive from the city of Como to Bellagio. It is indeed a narrow, narrow road and it should be even more congested in June than it was for us last October. At that time, it took us a good hour or more to go the 20 miles from Como to Bellagio.
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Bob the Navigator, can you send me your e-mail address? I'm heading for italy in April and as a "rookie" tourist have all of the standard questions and a few specific. Your "sage" seems very reliable. Thanks Charles
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Err, dissent.

The drive up to Bellagio is narrow, but very pleasant. Take your time, pull in if you're stressed, and take a couple of photos.

I expected parking to be a nightmare, but it was a breeze. When you come into town, there are attended car parks as you enter. Try carrying on. There is a little square, and behind it a hill with a hairpin road going up it. There is free parking up that hill, and at the top you are at the top of the town - fine for starting to wander through the alleys window shopping. Walk down then up rather than up then down. If no luck, go back to the car parks.

I did the drive four of five times. By the time we left, I was cursing the tourists.

The top tourist restaurant appears to be Bilacus, and it is very pleasant. I had a better meal at Silvio's, and the view is fantastic (but no credit cards!). It is just before the car parks heading into town. Bilacus is right in the middle.

Subsequent to my return, I have discovered that there is supposed to be a good restaurant in Piano Rancio (south of Bellagio), called Chalet Gabriele. A report would be good.

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