Garmisch, Nuremberg and Munich Nov trip

Nov 21st, 2013, 03:20 PM
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Garmisch, Nuremberg and Munich Nov trip

We left Daytona Beach on the 7th, arrived in Munich to a sunny day on Friday and only saw the sun two more times our whole trip. I needed light therapy.

We upgraded to economy comfort but when we did this we were left with exit row seats. Not that great for dining and the screen for movies is far away for easy tapping but great leg room. The tray position is for a 90 pound person. We were balancing trays and drinks. Food was blah but they do have a cold salad choice on Delta now. We had better seats on the return but felt bad for the bulkhead seats in front of us. They really had a long reach for their screen. You do get spirits on economy comfort.

We took the train to Garmisch and because I have a broken foot decided to get a rental car for a couple of days. First night there I had planned a tour with the Edelweiss resort. I knew we would sleep if I didn't. There were two vans of us and a very fun group took off for the Griesbrau brewery tour and the best dinner at a German buffet. The brewer Wolfgang was great and actually went to beer making school in Oregon. He gets around the purity laws by calling his brews IPAs and one that he adds grapefruit to a summerfresh. I loved the helles and this first night had me converted so drank many on this trip. We drank a lot but our van driver was kind enough to drop us off at our gate and we retrieved the car in the morning. You do not ever drive through a military checkpoint tipsy.

Saturday we went and did our normal driving around exploring our old haunts. I love this woodmaker before Ettal and stopped to do some Christmas shopping. We saw the St Martin's day parade on Sunday in Partenkirchen by accident. Great market going on in Garmisch on Sunday and enjoyed that with previews of the Christmas markets in many stalls.
I had planned on doing the Wank this trip but it was closed until ski time as well as the Alpspix, bummer on both but friends came from Munich on Tuesday since it was predicted that there would be sun.
We all took the 11:15 cogtrain and tram to the Zugspitze. Lots of snow and many kids sledding. We noticed a film crew when we got off and they approached my husband and asked if we would eat in the restaurant as they were filming a documentary on the server, lunch and drinks on them! We all agreed and went in to a delicious meal and beers. She could speak English and think they wanted to show her skills with the six yanks. The weather was so warm we were taking off our jackets and loved the sun and blue skies. The Austrian side was closed for some reason so could not walk across.

We went to Mittenwald one day and Fussen but was so cold and dreary.
We went to Nurmberg on Friday and must say I loved this city. We stayed in Hotel Victoria. Best breakfast ever. The city was in Christmas market overdrive getting everything ready and some stalls were already opened. I so loved St Lorenz church. Light a candle there, marvelous display for the candles, a modern work of art but fitting. Great street musicians and Irish pubs. We were ready for a Guinness The Nurmberg sausages were my fav and no heartburn.
Sunday we took the train to Munich. We stayed at the Hotel Daniel which is in the Karlsplaz and it was location perfect. The store windows and stalls were all being built and done that day. My husband took off on his historical journey and I did the window shopping with an interesting nature museum because I was freezing. The Gallery had their windows done with moving stuffed animals. It was spectacular and many noses pressed up to the glass to witness all the action.
We did the BMW tour on Monday and it was well worth the time. Very interesting. The robots will astound you and still so glad the humans are needed to make these cars also. Our hotel was very close to the Augustiner brewhouse which we frequented a lot. We had a great meal at the Spaten house and also went to the Hofbrau. We had a theme going.

Took train to airport on Tuesday and back home to rain in Fl. We have been to Germany many times but Nov was a first. I would not do it again. I can take the cold but love that sun. Feb was cold but the snow and sun were a great combo. Sept and October are still my fav times for Bavaria.
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Nov 22nd, 2013, 04:07 AM
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Thanks for your report!

We were in Germany for 15 days in September and had one sunny day and saw the sun briefly 2 other days. It rained every day but 3 of them and really turned us off on Germany.

We too loved the Hotel Victoria and Nuremberg was one of the favorite cities of the trip.
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Nov 22nd, 2013, 05:46 AM
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I am from the sunshine state and that was tough. Summer is beautiful there and I have had sun in Feb and Set. Just a lot of rain, snow and clouds. One day we were in Munich and the sun popped out and all the outside cafe seats were full with people facing the sunlight. I wish I had taken a picture! Hotel Victoria was great. I knew from your pictures they had a great breakfast. We were so full we skipped lunch.
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Nov 22nd, 2013, 08:32 AM
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Thanks for your trip report. It is nice to visit old haunts through the your words. We were stationed in Nuremberg and really enjoy it as well. Gary
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Nov 30th, 2013, 05:22 PM
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Thank you Gary, I think everyone stationed there loves to go back, My husband did go to the old parade grounds and the museum. Have you ever found Nuremberg sausages here? They were so good.
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Dec 11th, 2013, 02:47 PM
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Just returned on Sunday 12/8/13 from a 9 day trip to Germany for the Christmas Markets. Cold, but fun. Did our old spots of Rotherburg, Garmisch and a finish in Heidelberg.

Good time had by all!
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