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Sicilians -- effusive PLUS helpful (except in Palermo) What more can you ask for?

Also friendly -- English (especially in York), Greeks anywhere, southern Spain

Not so nice --Rome
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England is on the whole the friendliest place I've ever been to, especially the northern parts and the south coast. I don't know what they did to upset Frank, above! I think you have to sometime translate the english mentality, and realise that sometimes people are being friendly even when they seem a little curt. I always find whatever I ask for, people go out of their way to help. I like it so much, I moved here!

Turkey is also a friendly place in most places.

Least friendly? Atlanta airport, hands down.
Old Nov 11th, 2000, 06:45 AM
Bob Brown
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I must admit that Hartsfield Airport at times can be ugly! I live in Georgia and fly in and out of Hartsfield several times a year. The security people at the entry to the flight concourses are surly, incompetent, and just downright, old fashioned RUDE. I think they were raised in a situation where no politeness or manners existed.

Returning internationally to Atlanta is a real jolt. After being in Europe and going through customs and immigration control over there, coming home is like you were a newly released criminal.
The Welcome Mat is missing.
Immigration officals are yelling to get in this line; then get in that line with all of the politeness of Marine Corps DI's. I frankly resent it. I am not an alien, I am not seeking illegal entry, I am not a deportee, hence I find such actions and attitudes to be the epitome of arrogance and an insult to the traveling public.

For those of you who have not had that experience, I suggest going elsewhere to avoid it. For example this past time, the baggage tag on my checked luggage had gotten torn off in handling. The baggage person barely spoke intelligible English, then he had to make a major production out of putting a new tag on it. You have heard of Southern hospitality? Well Hartsfield isn't it by any stretch of the imagination; I think the term antithesis applies. I really cringe when I go through the process and realize that this hostility, incompetence, and surliness is the first greeting many foreigners receive in the US of A.
The irony of the situation is that the immigration and customs people make such a big, even ugly, deal out of getting into the US, even getting home, while illegal immigrants and illegal drugs pour into the US via other routes!
Well, I cannot control the situation, and I don't think it is going to get better any time soon. It will probably get worse because there is no sign that the number of passengers going through Hartsfield is going to decrease.

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I must admit, whenever I go to the US I do dread going through Immigration and Customs. I've been the East coast and the West Coast and the immigration people are so scary. I think Boston was the worst, maybe because I was on my own, but waiting in line in immigration was so intimidating.
In Miami my friend and I hadnt been given a customs form to fill in and they were quite rude to us and then trying to get a form from someone was such a major deal.
God, I hope the UK immigration and customs arent that rude to overseas visitors!
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I'll go for Mexico as the most friendly. The people are fun-loving, yet reverent. But as these things are complex, I'd add that a Mexican woman can be mighty haughty if she thinks another female is in any way, shape or form crowding her territory.
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I found Costa Ricans and Canadians to be tops in the "friendly" department.

Least friendly: probably Switzerland.

I liked what Elvira said very much. Growing up in the midwest, I thought midwesterners were very friendly. I had always heard that the cliche of "southern hospitality" was not really true and that the friendliness that southerners exhibit was only on the surface. But when I moved to North Carolina, I couldn't believe how sincerely welcoming southerners were -- inviting newcomers to their homes for dinner, etc.


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