Frankfurt airport

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Frankfurt airport

Hello everyone.

We arrive on a international flight into Frankfurt at 09:45am would we have enough time to clear customs, get our luggage and then make a Lufthansa flight at 12:30?

Thanks for your time
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Looks like you are heading to Czech Republic from FRA based on you thread tag?

You are missing a crucial info: are you dealing with one booking or two different bookings purchased separately?

The amount of layover is not extremely short to allow some foul ups, but not much. However, how you booked makes difference.

If you booked as one reservation, then more logical thing to do is to check your luggage to your final destination. You would not be "getting" you luggage at FRA, you get them at your final Czech airport. This would save about one hour from your layover. The airline agent/check-in machine at your starting airport assumes that is what you want to do - luggage retrieval at the final destination stated on that ticket.

If you are dealing with two different bookings, then you have little foul up margin.

Customs is a 5 seconds event many people worry about.

Passport control at FRA can be slow depending on how many other people are going through at the same time.
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Agree with what greg said.
If it is 2 separate tickets, then you'll have little time between. Frankfurt airport is a very long airport and it's not amusing to run in its terminal along the (seemingly) endless path.
In that case, I recommend you to bring only hand luggages.
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Yes it would be two separate tickets.

"If you are dealing with two different bookings, then you have little foul up margin."

And there it is, kind of what I was thinking. Thank you for your time.
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Two separate tickets may not matter depending on the airlines.

What airline are you flying INTO Frankfurt?

If it is United, Lufthansa, or another Lufthansa partner then you can check your bags through to Prague from your origin. If not then the advice above applies.
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Just do carry on and you should be ok.
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Interesting article on even if the airline "can" check luggage between flights on two different tickets it does not mean they "will." It appears this is an exception procedure and if the agent does not know how to do this, they might tell you it cannot be done.
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If you can NOT check through your luggage, you will have no troubles IF your flight to Frankfurt arrives on time.

As a benchmark: Most people traveling FRA-Prague with luggage won't consider being at the airport more than 90 minutes prior to departure.

So if you make it from the gate of your international flight to LH bag drop in departure hall between 11:00am and 11:30am, you're fine.

You should check-in and get your boarding passes for the connecting LH flight before you leave home, though, to avoid one extra procedure in FRA.
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The short answer, right now, is almost certainly "No" if you're arriving from outside the Schengen zone.

The issue isn't Customs, it's immigration. The xenophobic EU (whose determination to self-destruct makes even us obsessive Remain campaigners sometimes wonder if Brexiteers might have had a point) now requires the air frontiers between the Schengen absurdity and the grownup world to impose detailed inbound passport checks, with queues of up three hours currently being reported both to enter and to exit the area.

The Germans might have had the common sense to increase staffing as a result. But if so, they'd be unique among the Schengen states.

Assume getting in will take forever. Of course, once through immigration, you just walk to the Prague gate. Schengen, its fantasising supporters promised, would make travel easier.

But only once you're there.
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Okay, so this drama happened on some days at five airports in Europe.
During peak holiday season at prime holiday destinations.
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As others have said Frankfurt is a long airport. Getting through the que is dependent on how many agents they have and how quickly the people move through. The only trouble we had was my son had. Camp jacket on when he had his passport taken and he happened to be in the que with some US soldiers. The officer questioned him on where his military id was.

We had more trouble getting back into the US at Dallas yesterday than you will.

Before you go you might study a map of the airport to understand how it is layed out.

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