France-Rain in June?

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France-Rain in June?

This will be my first time out of the country and many have said it rains alot in June. I'd like not to carry a raincoat if it rains only on occasion.
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It rains alot, only on occasion.
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Please someone answer my question seriously. This is important to me.
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Chris -
Chances are that it WILL rain in June.

Bring a windbreaker and a small portable umbrella. OR buy the umbrella when you get to France.
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It may rain a little or a lot but you do not have to carry a raincoat if you don't want. June is not one of Paris most rainy months (May is worse, plus the winter) so I think you can risk not taking one. No one can predict what it will be like when you go next June, so I'd suggest you check weather at that time. I've gone in July with and without a raincoast (and it's a rainier month than June on avg) and a few years never would have used it and other years really needed one.

If you really don't want to take it, don't, and if it turns out you need one, you will have to buy a cheap one at Monoprix or something, that's what I would plan if I were you. If you would not consider buying a raincoat in Paris if you need one because you don't want to spend the money, you should take a lightweight one, as it most likely will come in handy. It can even be cool enough at night that you might use it if you go out in the evening (take an all purpose simple one that could be worn to nicer places, for example, a simple black trench).
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Eye Spy
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Chris: where in France are you planning to visit? Which cities, towns?

It can rain in Paris in June. It can be a bit chilly too. Conversely, it can also be quiet warm. It can even rain on Bastille Day when the troops come marching down the Champs-Élysées or on the beaches at Le Touquet.

If you are going to Provence, the chances of continuous rain are going to be minimal. And if it does rain, it's already summer (and hot!) so you won't have to worry about the cold.

That's the same for places on the West Coast like Saint-Jean-de-Luz or Hossegor.

If you go north, to Lille for example, your chances of rain are going to increase, and it may be more chilly: perhaps even in the low 60's or so. Inland towards Strasbourg, it could be the same thing.

France is a big country. It would depend on the region. And since one really doesn't know, to be safe, a lightweight rain coat should be fine. If you are going north towards Lille or so, then perhaps a lightweight, zipout lining as well.

All in all, you don't have to worry about a complete winter coat. Something lightweight and easy to pack plus one of those fold-up umbrellas should be fine. If not, buy them in Paris and save yourself the headache if you are still unsure.
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Chris, In June you may not need a raincoat but be sure to bring an umbrella, you may not need it BUT last June, early in the month I was in Paris during the hardest rain I have ever been caught walking in; sure enough my umbrella was back in the hotel staying nice and dry. I don't remember ever being so completely drenched, a "drowned rat" (isn't that the usual description not pretty, but accurate) would have looked better than I did. Hope your trip brings you the best of weather. Deborah
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My suggestion is to bring a travel poncho that is folded up tight -maybe $5 or so. Then, if you need it buy an umbrella. Throw out the poncho before you leave France since it won't pack up small again.
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Does it rain much in September. I'd like to go when there is no rain.
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IDont GetIt
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I don't get these weather questions. Does it rain a lot where YOU live in June/September? Think about it - how the heck can anyone give an intelligent answer to these questions? Check the averaged weather forecasts for whatever part of France you're going to on any internet site and you'll have anyone's best guess. Or get wet.
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