Ford Fiesta or Fiat Panda

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I wasn't intending to be condescending. If you want advice, express yourself more clearly. You used the term "Peugeot category," which suggested you didn't understand how the process works, as there is no such thing as a category related to a particular brand of car.

You will almost always be upgraded to the next highest category if your category of car isn't available, but as traveller mentioned, it IS possible to get a smaller one. Happened to us last May, when we rented a medium-sized car but settled for a Panda because it was at a tiny rental outfit in Périgueux and it just didn't matter that much, and we needed a car right away and didn't want to wait. We got a refund.
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Ok my comment is twofold :

1. You can reserve a Peugoet int eh category 308, Panda, Fiesta and get a 4th type of car, similar - say a VW Lupo for example.

2. Since imo, the only car I'd take in the category is the 308, and even so I find it relatively small, I'd take the category above - not being 100% sure I'd get a Peugeot.
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If you are planning (as you suggest) to stop during the day with your luggage in the car then you obviously need for it to be concealed in the boot. I would not recommend this at all but the choice is yours. I have these suggestions:

1. Your choice of car will be determined by the size/volume of your luggage and the size/volume of the boot. Even if the total volume of your luggage is below the volume of the boot it still does not mean that your luggage fits in.
2. Best to choose a car with a fully closed boot. The Peugeot 308 ( has a boot with a covering which is either hard or soft. If your luggage pushes against this then someone can see that there is something to steal.
3. Leave NO valuables or documents in the car (including the hire car documents) at any time when it is unattended.
4. If you do leave your car unattended do not get or put something in the boot which could show to someone that there is something inside.

If someone wants to steal from your car they will. There are certain programs which check the locks of all cars within a certain radius. They are not necessarily looking at a particular car but when the program gets a hit and unlocks the car they will check it out. The program relocks the car without you knowing that someone has been inside.
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We always reserve an intermediate and end up getting free upgrades when renting European cars. Just ask nicely and say you'll post about your upgrade on Tripadvisor. Last trip we reserved 'manual VW Golf category' and got a Volvo V40 and the time before, a Mercedes B class.
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"Your 4 door Panda is not what is offered at car rental companies in Italy"

Strangely, we hired a Panda in Italy last month and it was 5 doors. In the UK, I think nearly all Pandas are 5 door (one of the advantages over the Fiat 500 which are I seem to remember are mostly 2 door)

But, as has already been answered, too small for anything except hand luggage (we had a small suitcae and 3 day backpacks between the three of us, and te boot was full).
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The V40 is a class above a Golf ?

I can't say I'll post on TA if they please me - I would find it a bribe and I was fired from TA after deleting my 450+ reviews...
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In Europe, the Volvo V40 falls into the "compact class" just like the Golf. So, no upgrade.
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Haha, everything about TA is so honest! It's not a bribe if you say "The last time we rented from Sixt we reserved a Fiat and the kind people upgraded us to a Mercedes. We were so pleased that we posted about it on the internet!"

We have found that if we show up at a less busy time, accept larger cars, and smile a lot we've had tremendous luck with upgrades. LOVED the Volvo V40 hatch and even looked into buying one after driving it all over the south of Spain. But it's not available in the U.S. (However, I heard it's coming 2017.)
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