For those who know Paris Well

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For those who know Paris Well

I've done all my homework, I know what I must see/do, read tons of posts from this site and have picked 4 arrondissements. When you look back at your first time in Paris, not where you would return, please let me know which you feel would be best for the first timer between: 1, 5, 6, and 8. I have already picked a hotel in each of these, checked availability and would like help picking which would be best and why.
Thanks for all the great advice I know I'll get here.
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To the top for Fran!!
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Randall Smtih
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You will be in Paris and it your first time will always be magic, and indeed you will be very happy in the Marais, or Ile Saint-Louis. Our first stay in Paris was in the Montmartre area, we now own an apartment in the Latin Quarter, our first visit is still like an Impressionistic dream.

Have a wonderful time in Paris.

I hope that you grow to love that beautiful city as we have.


Randall Smith
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bob Brown
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I see no problem with any of the four arrondissements that you list.
My own estimation is that hotels in the first are more expensive than in other areas. My own preference is for the 6th, or just on the edge of it in the 14th. Plenty of transportation available anywhere in that area.

I would caution against reading too much! You will not be able to see it all and if you are bull dog determined to see certain attactions because they are on your list, you run a good chance of missing something that happens to come up. I know the day we were headed to the Musee d'Orsay we walked into a Sunday farmers' market on Boulevard Raspail of which we had no prior knowledge. Well, we got to Musee d'Orsay about an hour later than planned. Art has its place, but seeing how people live is another matter. Food is real. I can live well without art; I cannot live very well without food!! (I don't deny that art enriches life; but life has to be sustained to appreciate art.)
I have yet to see several attractions in Paris, but I don't feel cheated because what I have seen is the stuff of memories.
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Thanks to all.
Bob, I agree 100% regarding "a change of plans". I will be traveling alone and one of the joys of this is to be able to do that w/o considering someone else's desires. I must admit tho, regarding food and restaurants, when alone I tend to eat on the run. It is always the least of my concerns when I travel. Good food is just not important to me, (I'll eat anything, almost), this is good as I would have starved in England and China.
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Bob Brown
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The hotel we used last time is in a good area, near the intersection of Montparnasse and Raspail. My wife says that she would not have felt insecure in that area at night.
It is something of a family joke that we pick places to stay based on the proximity of a branch of La Brioche Doree. Best $3.00 tuna salad sandwich I found in Paris, along with the decent enough pastries of many types. Sandwich, pastry, and Diet Coke make a good $5.00 to $6.00 lunch.
Email me if you want to know the name of the hotel.
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I would personally pick 5 or 6, but partly that is just my taste. I know lots of people (well, I've read from them on here) who think the 1st and 8th are just peachy keen, so who knows. Within the 5th and 6th, it really depends on exact address, especially for the 5th, which is larger and parts of it I would not want to stay in as they are rather inconvenient or not as nice. All of the 6th would be okay from my point of view except for the SW area between rue de Rennes and rue de Sevres, or the area west of rue de Rennes right around bd du Montparnasse or rue de Rennes itself. Frankly, I'd probably have more opinions based on the hotels you picked and their exact address--all of the area within these quartiers are not identical or equally desirable. For example, many people on here recommend the Familia Hotel in the 5th whereas I would not want to stay in that area, I think it's rather inconvenient.

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