Foot and Mouth disease

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Foot and Mouth disease

Am visiting Ireland for the first time 3/14--3/24. 3/17 parade in Dublin apparently cancelled. Was told last night that when we enter Ireland our shoes(?)/feet(?) will be disinfected, and that our clothes must be dry-cleaned. Can anyone help me out? What is this disease? How does it work? Is it actually in Ireland? Is it dangerous to humans? Does infected meat pose any health risks? I would appreciate any information you might have.
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Already been discussed at length here. Just do a quick search.
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In actual fact I am not sure if this subject has been discussed or at least I cant find it as this is not Mad Cow Disease or a problem with the Blarney Stone.
It is true that if you are arriving by ferry and plane your feet will be disinfected. I have not heard anything about the clothing.
Foot and Moucth Disease is ver very serious and has dire implications if it is spread to Ireland. This outbreak has started in the UK.
It has caused various places in Ireland to be closed including Killarney National Park, Glenalough, Kilkenny Castle and on and on. Walking and hiking is being discouraged and certainly no farmer will alow you access to his land at least right now.
There are various websites you can look at if you wish further info.But no it is not dangerous to humans and as far as I am aware infected meat is not a problem. It means certain culling for the animals that are infected.
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Sorry for the spelling errors..trying to do two things at once I guess.
I should would be your shoes not your feet. and it is Foot and Mouth Disease or Hoof and Mouth Disease. Rugby and other Football matches and all horse racing has been cancelled. That should tell you how seriously the Irish Government is taking this.
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Hi Steve...I will be arriving in London the same dates you are in Ireland..I have been constantly searching for info on this can go to the BBC homepage and get updates..they also have links to the UK's center for disease?? similar to the US's with updates...I just want to know if there is going to be any restrictions on arriving in UK from the US and how this is going to affect our trip and departure...If it's carried in clothing how are we going to keep it from coming to the US? Good Luck!
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Edmond O`Flaherty
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There has been no case of Foot and Mouth disease in the Irish Republic so far but there has been one case just north of the border in Northern Ireland.If there is no case by next Saturday it is unlikely that any other case exists in any part of Ireland at present but there has been over 70 cases in Britain in the last two weeks and more cases keep cropping up.

Ireland is a large exporter of meat and the govenment is determined to keep this disease out to protect its markets.

The disease does not affect humans.

There are various restrictions in Ireland now to try to keep the disease out including the closure of the national parks and the cancellation of sporting events.

If you are coming to Ireland in the near future I suggest you keep in touch with the situation by reading the Irish Times which is at .

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