Flying the Concorde

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Flying the Concorde

How do I get a flight reservation on the concorde? Must I go through the travel agency? I want to go to France
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Wow you are so lucky and rich! Any travel agent would love to make your reservation. No one on this forum can really help, because we don't ever travel on the Concorde because we don't have enough money. We are so envious of your great good fortune to HAVE a fortune. I'd wish you luck, but you've already let us know you have plenty of it.
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Your travel agent can do it, but if you are going to Paris, then just call Air France directly (they have an 800-number). The voice menu should have a selection for concorde or first class travel. Have fun!
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An added thought. Unless you are really in a hurry or just want to take the concorde, be warned that it's not that great. The seats are about the size of regular coach seats. You are better off to save money and buy a first class sleeper seat on Air France or British Airways.
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to justgreenwith: OOps, am I to leave this website. I did not know it was restricted to travelers who couldn't afford to fly concorde. Did I miss something? Not that I want to fly Concorde, but it offends me to think that this site is only for people who can't afford luxury travel.
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Concorde has a significant advantage on westbound legs. You'll arrive "before" you leave. (e.g. a 7pm departure LON time will get into NYC around 5pm NYC time.) Take the morning flight and you can be in meeting in Manhattan by early mid-morning. It's a great time maker.

Flying eastbound has less attraction other than the 'thrill' of supersonic flight.

Take the morning flight and you do arrive in time for dinner, though your stomach won't think so. Take the afternoon flight and you'll arrive at bedtime, though your body won't think so and you may have a hard time getting to sleep.

Many experienced travelers with the money (or company) to pay for the Concorde nonetheless fly FC eastbound, Concorde westbound.

The seating, for what it matters on a three hour flight, is roughly equivalent to tight DC-9 coach seating. And if you're male and over 5'-9" you may find the lavs a bit challenging.

But the experience is a blast. I remember my first flight, looking up at the instrument dials on the cockpit. "Hmmm," I mused, "1200 miles to go, 62,000 feet, one hour to go." Ho hum.

"Wait a danged minute! 1200 miles and we'll be there in one hour?" I silently shouted. It slowly sank home ... this is a different way to travel.


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