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Am I crazy to plan a trip to Italy and spend the whole time (6 nights) in Florence? Or should I divide it with another locale? Is there enough to do?
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Dr Andrea, I assume you are going to Florence because you are drawn to everything that Florence has to offer. So of course it is not crazy.

Florence is beautiful and if you want to take some day trips from Florence you can. I prefer quality over quantity especially in Italy where one can enjoy the lifestyle without being on a mad dash every second.
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No, you are not crazy to spend the whole time in Florence. There is much to see and savor. We spent 5 nights at the Casci and were busy seeing the sights all of those days. We did take side trips to Lucca, Pisa, and Sienna. We based ourselves in Florence. Depending on how long you like to linger in Museums, taking in all there is to see, and there is much, then it does take time. We spent time just watching the sun set from the park high on the hill (I forgot the name). We could have spent time visiting Fieosol (Spelling?) Really, enjoy yourself, -- don't rush.
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Hi D,

Our last visit we spent 11 nights in Florence of which 6 were solely in the city.

There is more than enough to do.

If you get bored, you can visit Bologna, Lucca, Orvieto and Siena as daytrips.

You might find my trip report helpful.
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We spent a month in Florence perfecting our Italian. We were in class 4 hours a day. The rest of the time we enjoyed Florence and the surrounding areas. No 6 nights in Florence is definitely not crazy. We have gone many times to Florence and I have never gotten my fill. I always say to be a traveler not a tourist so enjoy and savor.
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Florence is certainly my least favorite or the "major" cities in Italy. I wouldn't like it for 6 days without a chance to spend time elsewhere, but I realize others would be totally happy.
Our first trip we spent three nights there and saw pretty much everything we wanted to see. We enjoyed the museums and the churches, but couldn't wait to leave otherwise. We found the central city nothing but tourism. We never felt we were living among locals and we couldn't walk down a sidewalk without having to step aside for yet another tour group being led my an umbrella or flag bearing guide.

Just an opposing opinion. I'd split the time with Venice, or Rome, or Montepulciano, or Siena, or Milan, or one of the lakes, or Verona, or the Dolomites, or Assisi, or just about anywhere.
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I have to agree with Neopolitan. Four nights were plenty for me. The vespa traffic will have you ready for the countryside very quickly.
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If you do day trips to Tuscany, it's not crazy. I wouldn't want to spend the whole time just in Florence though, if it was me. Three to four days just in Florence would be enough for me. It's a small city and I would run out of things I wanted to do and see. However, if you do day trips the other couple of days, you should be fine and find plenty to do.
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If you're the type of tourist that goes to a city to hit the museums, "attractions" (I prefer historical sites), etc. Then 6 days is too much. If you are the type of traveler that likes to enjoy a city, then, as I mentioned in my previous post, 6 nights isn't too much. There is so much more to Florence than the historic center. Wander away from the center, take day trips, etc. I have never eaten in a restaurant in the historic center. We go out into residential areas and look for restaurants that have no english on the menu. The waiters will get the point across. As I mentioned before, savor, don't hit and run.
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What is the best way to get out to the country side with 8 people?? Rent cars? Is there a bus? Help!! Thanks!
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