flight/airline question

Jan 22nd, 1999, 06:21 AM
K Noel
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flight/airline question

I've been enjoying this bb for over a year and am finally posting a question: A group of us (5 people) are planning a trip to Denmark in early June. I am in charge of investigating flights to get us there and back. Before I call my TA, I'd like some input from you guys on which airline(s) you have had experience with and whether to fly at night or during the day. Any input is appreciated!
Jan 22nd, 1999, 06:46 AM
Wes Fowler
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All of the international airlines have websites that warrant your investigation. One, in particular, that you might explore is Icelandair an excellent line that offers a unique perk or two. Don't know where you're flying from but an interesting idea Icelandair offers is an overnight layover in Rekyavik with hotel, meals and a half day tour of the island at true bargain rates. In addition to being a nice break in a lengthy flight, it's an opportunity to explore and experience a little visited country. Icelandair's fleet, personnel and in-flight meals are of a high standard. Check 'em out!
Jan 22nd, 1999, 08:02 AM
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K Noel: Wes is right, where you are flying from is important as to whether or not you can take advantage of some great offers.

We have an airline that we normally use (US Airways), partly due to frequent flyer miles and location. Since we live in Erie, PA, they have a major hub in Pittsburgh which allows us non-stop flights to Europe.

WHEN you travel is important. Air fares vary with respect to the season, but also the day. For example, I had planned for our Bavarian trip to start on May 22nd, but come to find out if we leave one day later (and return one day later), we can fly from Pittsburgh to Frankfurt for $106.00 less, per person. Guess what day we're leaving? Yeah, the 23rd! There's five in our group, also.

Do your homework and see what opportunities you can come up with. If you are flexible, you can save $$$.

Good luck!
Jan 22nd, 1999, 02:50 PM
Bob Brown
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My experience is the same as the other posters. One day one way or the other can make a big difference in the cost and fares tend to be highly route specific. Airlines use sophisticated "yield management" computer models that spit out all types of figures. For example, Delta was having trouble filling planes between Washington and Atlanta between Christmas and New Years. We flew round trip between Reagen and Hartsfield for $117 each, but we were restricted on the days. The flight returning was only 33% full.
Shifting from Tuesday to Wednesday on the return would have cost us $100 each.
At other times, Atlanta residents can get much cheaper flights to the west by driving a couple of hours to Birmingham.
As far as Europe is concerned, KLM is a good airline to fly. We took KLM round trip between Zurich and Atlanta last year. It was a very long, but good good flight with plenty of food. We even had a cheese sandwich in cattle car class - a Camembert cheese sandwhich with plenty of stuffing.
But, again , timing was everything. We had to leave on a Thursday and return on a Thursday to get the fare. A shift one day either way and the cost would have been much more.

I suggest that you check web sites as well as your Travel Agent. Expedia will show you the lowest published fare and you can guage from there how good your price is. Good hunting.
Jan 23rd, 1999, 08:58 PM
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You can register for an email to be sent each week from most of the major airlines and the best deals that week will be listed. Expedia Fare tracker will do the same. The downside is that it will give you the least expensive fare, not necessarily available at the time you want to travel.
Jan 23rd, 1999, 10:22 PM
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We flew Lufthansa last year & the service and food are tremendous. You get the added bonus of flying with a more diverse group of travelers. The prices are in line with the major carriers (except maybe Icelandic & stopping in Iceland is fun). I prefer traveling late afternoon/evening & arriving there in morning/midday.

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