flexibility in checkout times?

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flexibility in checkout times?

We are traveling to Spain in Sept./Oct. and a couple times on our trip it might be nice to get a late checkout. I am assuming that the standard checkout time is 11 a.m. and a 2 p.m. checkout would be wonderful, primarily as a place to keep our things until we depart. Is late checkout at all common in Europe? If so, is it generally an additional cost or is it free depending on their availability? We are staying in hotels that range from $60-$120 a night.

Obviously I can just check with the particular hotel(s) that I'm interested in doing this with but wondered in the meantime if anyone can shed light on their experiences in asking for, and getting, late checkout. (My side question would be, if not a late checkout, what are some suggestions on what we can safely do with our bags, other than tote them around with us, before heading off to the next destination? We'll have a car with a locking trunk but I know that wouldn't necesarily be the wisest place!)

Dumb questions, perhaps? Thanks for improving my travel savvy.
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Most hotels will happily hold your stuff for you, even if you checkout first. If thats all you need, just ask them to store it.
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We just returned from Rome, our check-out time was 10:30 a.m. - our flight didn't leave until 3 p.m. I just
asked at the desk if they had a place where we could put our bags for a few hours. They we most happy to hold them for us, a secure area behind the desk.
We just made sure that the luggage was locked so no one could go through them.
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Ah, the joys of concierges...even if a hotel doesn't have one, they have the concept. I've even left luggage at the Plaza in New York when I wasn't a guest (pre-Ivana).
Same thing works if you arrive before check-IN; U.S. flights usually land early a.m., with check-in at 11:00am or later. The hotel always has a place to drop your stuff so you can roam around without the luggage.
We've also had no problem with late check-out, and no additional charges.
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Agree that I've never had a problem getting hotel to store bags--though once in New York Hilton they charged $1.75 per bag. However, I did want to plug the hotel we stayed at the last time in Paris, the Trinite Plaza through a cheap American Airlines package--the only European hotel I ever stayed in where, upon me staggering in around 9 am from my flight, sent me down to have breakfast in their little breakfast room and then GAVE US TWO ROOMS AT 10 AM IN THE MORNING!!

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